10 Bingeable Docuseries About Cults

by netflix wild wild country chronicles the “free love” township of Rajneeshpuram, which was located in rural Oregon. Founded by guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, the group claimed to live a better life. However, by the mid-1980s, the cult became dangerous, going so far as to infect members of the surrounding community with salmonella and even plotting the assassination of the United States Attorney for Oregon.

wild wild country it’s an incredibly riveting look at the group’s efforts to grow and take revenge on their perceived enemies.

Tiger King / Tiger King: The Doc Antle Story (Netflix)

While tiger king Mainly focused on Carole Baskin and Joe Exotic, another character ended up stealing the limelight in many scenes: Doc Antle, the owner of the Myrtle Beach Safari. tiger king revealed that Antle surrounds himself with young women, all of whom live on the property with him.

Many of the girls are said to be sexually active with Antle and engage in a modified form of polygamy. On top of that, these young women are forced to work endless hours for next to nothing, stay within an “ideal” body weight, and be vegetarian. Antle’s story was so confusing and captivating that she got her own docuseries from her, Doc Antle’s storyin 2021.

Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath (Netflix, Hulu)

Scientology is one of the most notable cults of modern times, as it remains extremely powerful and influential in Hollywood and even in cities like Clearwater, Florida. However, the group also attacks and smears those who oppose it, performs strange rituals and initiation ceremonies, forces members to spend huge amounts of money, and even gets embroiled in a missing person case.

In Scientology and the consequencesActress Leah Remini talks about her time with the group, her decision to leave, and the drastic measures Scientology took to destroy her career afterward.

The Vow (HBO Max)

One of the most recent cult stories to make headlines is that of NXIVM. Most people first became aware of the cult in 2018 when it became known that the former Smallville Actress Allison Mack has been arrested in connection with the cult. In the years since then, the full story has come to light and accounts of unpaid work, sexual manipulation, blackmail and branding have shown the true depth of the gang’s horror.

hbo The desire took a wide-angle look at the cult and tried to reveal its origins, its rise to power, and its eventual collapse thanks to a group of former members determined to bring it down.

Seduced (Starz)

Also focusing on NXIVM, Starz’s seduced took the opposite route to tell the story of the sect, focusing only on the testimony of one member: India Oxenberg. India was a member of the DOS cult that existed within NXIVM. She was branded, forced to participate in lewd obedience rituals, and eventually she became the sexual partner of cult leader Keith Raniere.

seduced it’s an incredibly intimate and heartbreaking look at India’s experience with the cult and somehow manages to tell a completely different side of the story than HBO’s. The desire.

Jonestown: Horror in the Jungle (Sundance Now, AMC+)

Jonestown was a town of Americans who lived in the jungles of Guyana. The community was established by followers of the Peoples Temple, a religious and political cult that was against America’s history of discrimination and its capitalist ideals. However, in 1978 the sect was decimated in a mass murder/suicide that resulted in the deaths of 909 people.

Jonestown: Horror in the Jungle delves into the history of the Peoples Temple and its evolution from a progressive Christian sect to a murderous cult. The series is notable for its interviews with Jonestown survivors and use of previously unreleased footage.

Heaven’s Gate: The Cult of Cults (HBO Max)

In 1997, 39 people died by ritual suicide in a house outside San Diego. The group was known as Heaven’s Gate, a religious cult that believed that a spaceship would trail behind Comet Halle-Bopp and transport them to a higher state of being. The group became instantly famous because they were all found under purple blankets wearing brand new Nike sneakers.

Heaven’s Gate: The Cult of Cults review the wealth of video evidence left behind by the gang and talk to the families of those who died to build a more complete picture of who the gang was and what led them down this path.

Pray Obey Kill (HBO Max)

Pray, obey, kill follows the bizarre story of a murder within a Christian cult led by Asa Waldau, who claimed that she was the “bride of Christ” and would soon take her rightful religious throne. One of his pastors (and the alleged true leader of the cult), Helge Fossmo, apparently slept with many women within the group and managed to convince his nanny (whom he also slept with) to murder Fossmo’s wife. the.

The docuseries aims to build a clearer picture of this baffling murder, the motives behind it, and how a woman was somehow convinced to kill an innocent woman.

Guardians (Netflix)

Although not a sect in the traditional sense, the 2017 the Guardians reveals how closely related religious groups can coerce, manipulate and threaten their followers into submission and silence. In 1969, Catherine Cesnik, a nun at a Catholic girls’ school in Baltimore, was murdered.

It was later discovered that the school priest had sexually abused the students… and others may have known about it but remained silent. the Guardians collects the evidence of accusations of murder and sexual abuse to try to piece together a story that remains unsolved to this day.

Waco: Fool or Messiah (Tubi)

In 1993, the Branch Davidian, a Christian sect, was in a 51-day standoff with the FBI until a fire finally burned down the building, killing about 80 members. Waco: Fool or Messiah Question several members of the Branch Davidian to find out if the group’s leader, David Koresh, was a sinister madman… or a religious leader assassinated by the US government.

With the number of conspiracy theories surrounding the Siege of Waco, the show is a fascinating look at how the surviving members look back on their time with the group and their final thoughts on what happened.

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