10 Minutes Till Dawn: The Best Upgrades to Get First

The upgrades that can appear while playing 10 Minutes Till Dawn include damage, ice, fire, lightning, reload speed, attack speed, projectiles, HP, shield, movement speed, and summoning. Focusing on unlocking the best upgrades, like damage or speed, works well as a general base build for any character. Maxing out damage and either ice or lightning will create a powerful build that can cause enemies to explode.

The summoning perks can be useful for Hina, but the other characters don’t benefit much from them. Similarly, a build that includes fire upgrades works best while using Scarlett and the Fire Cannon weapon. If attempting a fire build, attack speed upgrades should also be used. For those that prefer ice, instead of pairing it with damage, adding in attack speed, reload speed, and projectiles will create one of the strongest builds in 10 Minutes Till Dawn.

Overall, the best upgrades to unlock first are damage, attack speed, and one of the elemental abilities. Upgrades for shield or HP can increase the player’s defense, but without a strong offensive build, surviving for 10 minutes is very difficult. To stay alive until the timer runs out, players should focus heavily on offensive perks that amplify the abilities of their chosen character and weapon in 10 Minutes Till Dawn.

10 Minutes Till Dawn is available for PC.

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