10 Movies That Will Become Cult Classics In 10 Years Time, According To Reddit

Brinz1 maintains that Dred it’s going to become a cult movie, but since it’s the movie’s 10th anniversary in 2022, many would say the movie is already a cult classic. The Redditor sums it up themselves, explaining that “this is probably the most gripping Western action movie of the decade.”

The 2012 movie has so many fans and is one of the best non-superhero comic book movies. But more than anything, the fact that it didn’t raise enough money for the studio to be confident in greenlighting a sequel is one of the biggest cinematic disappointments of the 21st century.

Pig (2021)

Nicolas Cage starred in a ton of movies in the 2010s, but most of them were straight to DVD and not worth watching. And that’s why the public was blinded by Piga drama about a truffle hunter in Portland who has his forage pig stolen.

MylesNYC posits that the film is “many layered and will only gain an audience when more people find out about it. Great performance by Nic Cage. Shot in natural light only. Builds a unique and believable world. Cage delivers such an incredible and raw picture that some I even think he was snubbed at the 92nd Academy Awards The actor’s latest run is an incredible comeback story, and Pigan instant classic Cage movie, is the best example of this.

Stalin’s Death (2017)

From the mind of Armando Iannucci, Stalin’s death it’s like his other political satires, only the 2017 film is much darker than VEEP either in the loop. However, the biggest criticism of the film, and part of the reason it hasn’t been as successful at the box office, is that all those great British and American actors play Russians in their native dialect.

Steve Buscemi still has his tall, rough American vernacular, Jason Isaacs still has his well-spoken English style, and Jeffrey Tambor still has his deep, commanding way of speaking, and they all speak English. However, that’s also why the movie has such an obsessive fanbase. NorthernerWuwu postulates: “I feel Stalin’s death is probably already a cult movie. It certainly has a small but devoted fan base.

mandy (2018)

If it hadn’t been for the last eight years of direct-to-DVD movies and Cage’s newfound reputation at the time, many more people would have seen Mandy. Cage plays an angry husband seeking revenge when a hippie cult kidnaps his wife, and it’s almost like a cageless, extremely disturbing version of john wick.

When it comes to debating which movies will become cult classics in 10 years, Masethelah says, “If Mandy it is not already, then certainly Mandy.” And while the film doesn’t have a lot of depth, it is at least one of the best genre films out there, and will surely be remembered for its striking visuals.

Good Boys (2019)

Gmorkenstein think irreverent comedy good boys It will be a cult classic in 10 years. The Redditor says, “It’s a comedy and a coming-of-age masterpiece. I don’t know what happened to the marketing, but I felt like it didn’t get the publicity it deserved.”

good boys it deserves much more recognition than it got, as it seems to come and go without fanfare. However, the kind of humor found in the film may have come 10 years too late. Children’s humor joking about sex and drugs was very popular in the 2000s with coming-of-age movies like very badbut there is a reason why these kinds of comedies are no longer produced.

Cats (2019)

cats is one of the weirdest movies of the 21st century, as the character designs look like weird cat-human hybrids created in a lab. Kshades25 says: “I really think cats It will be a kind of midnight movie that will draw people who want to see one of the greatest misadventures in the history of cinema.

Although some think it’s not as bad as people say, Universal should have taken a page out of Paramount’s book. When Sonic’s design received a dismal reception from fans after the first trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog, Paramount spent an additional $5 million to fix it. But then again, that wouldn’t be half as interesting.

Sorry to bother you (2018)

Sorry to disturb you feel as if the frantic energy and anxiety of uncut gems Y Boiling point they were injected into a comedy. The erratic score composed by Tune-Yards, the bright colors, the surrealism, and the constant confusion of main character Cash make it one of the most intense comedies of all time. While that may be the reason many haven’t seen it, it’s the same reason fans will defend it with their lives.

SuperemeDalek925 notes that the 2018 film “looks like it could one day become a cult movie.” it’s easy to see Sorry to disturb you become next the big lebowskiwhich is another comedy with surreal elements that audiences couldn’t grasp at first, but has since become one of the most talked about comedies of all time.

Halloween Kills (2021)

halloween kills it’s the latest movie mentioned by Redditors that could become a cult classic in 10 years, but that’s unlikely. That’s not to say it’s not possible though, but it would only become a cult classic to the extent that Bedroom it’s a cult classic, because the public only watches it for a laugh.

But despite the film’s general reception, PeculiarPangolinMan thinks it’s a perfect slasher flick. The Redditor maintains that after a few years, the film “will be viewed with great fondness by slasher fans.” Unfortunately, the reality is that the best parts of the movie are references to previous Halloween movies.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017)

Many movie franchises are cut after a movie, whether it’s Universal Dark Universe or The reckless series, but Warner Bros. had one of the most interesting plans to direct Guy Ritchie King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. Reddit user SneezingRickshaw explains that the studio “took the risk of giving a movie like this a $150 million budget with a planned seven-movie run to a famous director who was cursed for not being able to continue.”

It wasn’t so much a curse that didn’t allow for a sequel, but rather the film’s overwhelmingly negative reception and poor box office performance. But the general public appreciates the film more than the critics, and this could be an example of how the critics became interested in it a few years later.

Suspiria (2018)

sigh It’s not an original film, but a remake of a 1977 Italian film, which is also a cult classic, and it looks like the 2018 version will follow. KL2710 is the film’s greatest champion, noting: “The sigh The remake has no right to be as good as it is…and I love it for that.

So many great things revolve around the 2018 film that make it so compelling, whether it’s the Thom Yorke-composed score, Tilda Swinton’s riveting performance, or the stunning cinematography. And the remake achieves what very few achieve, because it tells the same story as the original but stays fresh and doesn’t pick up the same rhythms.

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