10 Quotes That Prove Elena & Caroline Have The Best Vampire Diaries Friendship

Caroline says this quote after Elena goes on a date with Stefan. Although she was originally jealous of Elena’s effect on the Salvatore brother, she is still her friend and wants to support her. Her questioning about the details of her is just another way of showing that she cares.

Although Elena is still a bit distant from sharing much with Caroline for fear of hurting her, she appreciates that her friend just wants to listen to her right now and puts aside her own feelings to show joy for her. Elena.

Elena tells Caroline that she is right.

“Everything you said was true. It’s hard for me to hear, you know? You were just a good friend.

Elena tells Caroline this shortly after they discuss Stefan. Although Caroline is no longer jealous, Elena believes that Caroline is trying to get information about her relationship with Stefan for her evil ex-vampire, Katherine. Caroline then tells Elena that she hasn’t been a good friend lately because she has been focusing on Stefan.

Although Elena has every right to be mad at Caroline, she just tells her that she’s right and that she’s happy that her friend is taking care of her even if it’s not the way she wanted. She also helps Elena realize that she may be missing her friend.

Elena pulls the code

“You must have gotten the girlfriend code. It’s fine. I promise.”

In this scene, Elena makes Caroline promise to lie for her even though she knows Stefan will be mad at what she is keeping from him. Although Caroline doesn’t like the idea, she helps her when Elena pleads.

This quote just shows that Caroline is a committed and loyal friend who believes in the “Girlfriend Code” and wants to keep her bond of trust with Elena because it means a lot to her.

Caroline tells Elena to live.

“You have to admit you’re letting your life go. And isn’t Stefan the one who wanted to make sure you lived it?”

Caroline tells this to Elena when she becomes obsessed with finding Stefan after he trades her servitude to Klaus for her brother’s life. Elena can’t stop thinking about Stefan and she barely enjoys his eighteenth birthday because of it.

Caroline is a good friend here because she uses Stefan’s thought to persuade Elena to have fun and stop putting her life on hold for an immortal man. She bluntly tells her friend to start living again, which is exactly what Elena needed to hear.

Elena won’t turn her back

Without Caroline. That’s not right… None of you asked, but who would I be if she turned her back on one of you? »

Elena tells Caroline this after she hits one of her lowest points. She is devastated because she feels that she is the source of all the pain and suffering that her friends and family are enduring.

Caroline is sorry that Katherine turned her, and Elena just makes sure to tell her right now that she knows it was unfair. At the same time, Elena also states that she will always be there to help Caroline. She will never let her own pain get in the way of her friends’ happiness.

Carolina expresses her opinion.

“I’m sorry, but Stefan is your epic love. And I’m not going down without a fight.

Caroline tells this to Elena when she struggles with her romantic feelings towards Damon and Stefan. Damon has done some of the worst things to Caroline, so she’s just trying to save Elena from suffering the same fate.

What makes this even more representative of their friendship is the fact that Caroline listens to Elena’s feelings, but acts as her friend’s voice of reason when she really needs it. She just shows that she cares how Elena feels when she’s around Stefan or Damon.

Caroline steps in

“Very well, friend-intervention. I think your so-called ‘feelings’ for Damon are really starting to cloud your judgment and I don’t like that.”

This quote is taken from a scene where Elena is irrationally happy and in love with Damon in a way that scares Caroline. She later learns that her best friend’s intuition was correct, as Elena was Damon’s daughter when she transformed.

Not only is Caroline a very observant friend, but she’s not afraid to tell Elena that she’s a bad friend in return. She loves Elena, but she also wants her to see how being with Damon has changed her personality, and not in a good way.

Caroline don’t give up

“Because we’ve been friends forever… I’m not going to give you up.”

Caroline says this to Elena as her humanity fades and she does some of the worst things imaginable to the people she cares about. Elena not only hurts Caroline’s mother and terrorizes innocent people, but she also doesn’t want to rekindle her humanity.

With all of this in mind, Caroline still says that she won’t stop trying to get Elena back to her normal self. She has faced family and close friends who hated her before her, so she wants to make sure that never happens to her.

Caroline on being best friends

“The day I stop telling you [How I Really Feel] It’s the day we’re not best friends anymore, and I hope that day never comes.”

Caroline says this to Elena after telling her what’s on her mind. Again, while she can be a bit passive-aggressive with how she expresses her concerns, she does so because she genuinely cares about Elena and wants her to make the right decisions in her life.

This is one of Caroline Forbes’ best quotes because she admits that she can be rude, but it would be worse if she didn’t say anything. Her friendship is not like Elena and Bonnie’s. It’s more about trying to challenge yourself to be better people.

elena’s wish

“Take care of everyone while I’m gone, okay?” »

Elena tells Caroline this quote during her sleep period that will last Bonnie’s entire life. She knows that she will miss many of her friends’ lives, but she trusts that Caroline, loving as she is, will make it all work out.

Elena knows, more than anyone, that Caroline is determined and deserves to live the trouble-free life she had before the vampires came. Although it is not entirely possible, she knows that Caroline is the only person who can keep in touch with the people she loves most in the world.

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