10 Times Harry Potter Ignored Its Own Logic, According to Ranker

Fans learn early on that wands choose their wizards, but in the final installment of the series, they also learn that wands’ loyalties can be earned. This is especially important with the Elder Wand. While Voldemort assumes that the wand’s loyalty must be earned by killing the previous owner, Harry prevails by revealing that disarming the previous owner is enough, making him the rightful owner of the Elder Wand.

However, disarming spells are incredibly common in the series, regularly practiced at school and used in battle. No wands have changed allegiances at this point, so this seems like a big deal to change wand lore this late in the game, regardless of the many disarms that occurred in earlier books.

9 Dennis Creevey visits Hogsmeade early

In his third year, Harry had the opportunity to visit Hogsmeade, but was unable to attend because his aunt and uncle refused to sign the permission slip. However, Dennis Creevey was able to attend the interest meeting for Dumbledore’s Army at Hog’s Head when he was only twelve years old.

Fans can appreciate the level of devotion the Creevey brothers have for Harry, but he shouldn’t have been able to get into Hogsmeade in the first place. That said, the age restrictions on visiting Hogsmeade are just one of the many things about Hogsmeade Village that don’t make sense.

8 Hermione forgets to cast a Memory Charm

Fans are introduced to memory spells in Chamber of Secrets, where Gilderoy Lockhart uses them to make accomplished wizards and witches forget their own achievements so he can take credit for them. The spell is then largely forgotten until the last book, when Hermione has to perform a memory spell on the Death Eaters who surprised them on her travels.

Hermione performs the spell before commenting that she doesn’t know if it succeeded as she’s never performed a memory spell before. However, before starting her journey, she revealed that she used magic to make her parents forget about her for her own safety. While the process may work differently on wizards than muggles, it’s definitely a contradiction and would have been easy to fix.

7 Summon Rules Change

Creating a cohesive magic system can be difficult as a writer, but break your own rules and the writers can be sure your fans will take notice. In Deathly HallowsHarry, Ron, and Hermione struggle to feed as the summoning spell cannot transport living things.

However, this contradicts the events before and after this book. When Harry practices the spell on goblet of fire, uses Trevor, Neville’s toad, as a training dummy. Also, in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, Newt Scamander summons a Niffler. Then it would seem that “Accio he is fully capable of summoning living beings.

6 Wizards are unrealistically ignorant

The wizarding world is shown to be completely disconnected from Muggle Britain, but this distinction doesn’t make much sense, given how important Muggles are to magical heritage. The vast majority of wizards appear to be half-bloods or Muggle-born, meaning they have frequent direct contact with Muggles. Although there may be several pure-blood families, authorities such as Sirius and Arthur Weasley even claim that they have Muggle branches in their family trees.

So if so many families have Muggle parents and relatives, how did wizards become so ignorant of the rest of the world? Yes, their upbringing ignores important subjects like history and civics, but most wizards have at least one foot in the muggle world. However, wizards are so oblivious to the Muggle world that they seem to be in a constant state of wonder, causing wizards like Arthur to fall in love with even the most basic Muggle inventions.

5 Hogwarts student population does not add up

Fans have long been trying to figure out exactly how Hogwarts enrollment numbers work, and while there are a few attempts at explanations, the general consensus is that the numbers don’t add up. It was explained that Hogwarts usually has around 1,000 students in residence at a time, but only admits 40 new students per year, making a total of 280 in seven years.

The best explanation for this is that Harry’s generation is smaller than the ones that came before him because a lot of people died during the first wizarding war, but that still doesn’t make sense with the different numbers given to fans. Beyond that, it is even more difficult to determine what proportion of British and Irish citizens are actually wizards.

4 Dumbledore forgets that Slytherins live in dungeons

“Troll in the dungeons!” Professor Quirrell yells. Dumbledore responds by ordering all the students to return to their dorms, where they will probably be safer. But that doesn’t really make sense to all students. While Gryffindor and Ravenclaw students may be safe in their towers and Hufflepuffs in their dorms near the kitchens, Slytherins are told to head for the supposed danger.

Perhaps JK Rowling hadn’t decided on the location of the Slytherin dorms yet, but at least when the movies came out, someone should have noticed that Slytherin students were being directed to their dorms. in the dungeons. While some Slytherins tended to be cowards and others brave, none of the students were equipped to fight an escaped troll.

3 Everyone ignores Dumbledore’s portrait.

Photographs and portraits have personality and life in the Harry Potter world, with portraits capable of speaking, moving and remembering their original lives. In fact, portraits of someone who lived seem to be an extension of the life, or at least the personality, of the subject.

Despite this fact, Dumbledore’s portrayal is rarely considered. East Harry Potter The plot hole could be that it would be difficult to get to the director’s office, but it seems strange that no one considered that possibility. There were many things that Dumbledore never explained to the Golden Trio, but that might have changed if they had looked at his portrait.

two Love potions are legal.

Love potions control the thoughts and actions of their subjects, placing them completely under the control of the potion’s owner. This is comparable to the Imperius Curse, which is so reprehensible that it can send its user to Azkaban. Due to these similarities, love potions should also theoretically be illegal, since they remove the agency of their subject.

Instead, love potions are available enough for Hogwarts students to access. Also, students learn about Amortentia, the strongest love potion, in their classes. The availability and legality of these mind-altering substances makes no sense.

one The unforgivable curses have no trace

In the deathly hallows, the Death Eaters put a trail on the word “Voldemort” so they could immediately find people using the word. In fact, the only people bold enough to use his name are members of the Order of the Phoenix, who are currently in hiding. This results in Harry, Ron, and Hermione being captured and taken to Malfoy Manor.

This appears to be a very effective spell, leading fans to wonder why it hasn’t been used for other purposes, especially Unforgivable Curses: Empire, Crucio, Avada Kedavra. Characters seem to be able to use the Unforgivable Curses without any consequences, including Hogwarts students, but theoretically the Ministry should be able to put a tracking spell on the words that would allow them to appear immediately and stop the caster.

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