26 years after its original release, Quake’s latest update gives it a suite of accessibility options

The Quake Enhanced Edition added accessibility options more than two decades after the original game was released.

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but in the case of the iconic first-person shooter Quake, it seems you can. The enhanced version of the game, which enhances the visuals of the 90’s classic, now comes with a set of improved accessibility tools.

The recently released update adds “accessibility features to Quake so even more players can enjoy the gaming experience.” Added features include the ability to read multiplayer text chat aloud and the ability to change menu fonts and backgrounds for better readability.

The update also introduces three new levels in Horde Mode. Created by MachineGames, these are Relic, The Trial and The Tower. Additionally, the patch includes quality of life improvements, including adjustments to Horde mode balance and improvements to the game’s multiplayer bots. There are also some minor bug fixes as well as mod improvements for the build. personal computer.

This is the third major update to Quake since the enhanced version was released and is available for download on all platforms. You can find all the details for Quake Update 3 in the patch notes here.

Bethesda has announced that QuakeCon 2022 will be an online-only event. The company hopes to hold an in-person event in Texas in 2023.

Whether you prefer your shooters to be first-person or third-person is more your style, there are plenty of great titles on offer. Have fun with our selection of top 25 shooters playing right now.

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