5G Internet: The High-Speed Replacement for Cable?

5G Wi-Fi could be the best option in some areas

If you want fiber-like speeds without the cost or high-speed internet in an area that doesn’t currently provide it, then 5G Wi-Fi might be something to consider.

While it’s not available everywhere, there are several reasons to consider using 5G in the home when it’s rolled out in your area.

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5G Wi-Fi in the context of a mobile network is not the same as the 5GHz Wi-Fi supported by some routers. See 5G vs. 5GHz Wi-Fi for an explanation.

What is 5G Wi-Fi?

Similar to how you get Wi-Fi at home right now, whether it’s through an existing wireless service like microwave or satellite, or a direct wired connection like cable or fiber, 5G is capable of bringing Internet to your home over of a direct connection. wireless Link.

5G Wi-Fi is simply Wi-Fi that provides Internet access from a 5G tower. This works in particular through fixed wireless access, which is a base station that connects wirelessly directly to an end user’s location, in particular to an on-site fixed wireless terminal, such as their home or business. .

You can also use a 5G hotspot to turn mobile network connection into Wi-Fi for your local devices like tablet, game console, iPod, laptop, etc.

Why get 5G Internet?

To begin with, it’s Really Fast: At a theoretical minimum speed of 20 gigabits per second (2.5 gigabytes per second) per cell, it’s more than 10 times faster than 4G and likely faster than many types of wired home connections.

5G speed: how to understand the numbers

Another aspect is the extremely low latency standard that 5G networks must meet. This means that everything you do on the Internet today is much faster with 5G Wi-Fi, such as downloading files, sharing data, downloading videos, playing online games, streaming movies, etc.

All your devices can connect to the Internet without experiencing congestion, video buffering, random disconnections, and other bandwidth-related issues, which means even more bandwidth-demanding devices can be used in the home, like headsets virtual reality, augmented reality applications, etc.

5G is also capable of providing reliable internet in areas that lack the existing infrastructure to provide decent internet, or internet at all. Places where cable access is not available, such as rural areas, new construction sites, and developing countries, are more likely to benefit.

Another advantage is its low cost. Much of the expense of network infrastructure, especially high-speed technology like fiber, is hardware between the provider and the home or business. For conventional cable networks, this means tons and tons wiring and other equipment, most of which disappears in a 5G Wi-Fi system.

Mobile 5G providers can offer massive upgrades to existing fixed broadband (FBB) providers, so it is possible that this competition will drive down FBB costs or provide existing FBB customers with comparable services to compete with FBB providers. 5G.

Why is 5G better than 4G for wireless internet?

Some service providers are rolling out 5G networks using relatively high frequency bands, part of the radio spectrum not used by 4G networks. This makes room for more network traffic, resulting in higher speed and higher capacity networks, to deliver all of the above.

5G also offers more focus than 4G. This means that the radio waves emit a focused beam that can be aimed directly at specific users for blazing-fast speeds as needed—exactly what you want with wireless Internet service in the home.

5G versus 4G: everything you need to know

Where is 5G Wi-Fi available?

It is available in the United States and many other countries. You can’t get it from anywhere because not all companies have upgraded their infrastructure to support the technology. 5G availability depends on many factors, including your location and service provider, but most currently add new locations to their network every few months.

See Where is 5G available in the US? for information on where Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and other carriers offer service. Others can get an idea of ​​the coverage area here: Worldwide 5G availability.

What are 5G private networks?

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