90 Day Fiancé: Mahogany Reveals Why She Speaks English So Fluently

This is where Mahogany’s passion for English began. However, Mahogany also addressed accusations that she was not Latina. “I am proud that my Spanish is part of me.Said mahogany. While that may or may not have been a satisfactory enough answer for 90 day fiancé Mahogany English fans, there is still a lot to be resolved in your story with ex-pastor Ben. Why Mahogany showed Ben an Airbnb rental and pretended it was his house was not mentioned during Tell-All. Mahogany has never justified his obsession with the filter.

Also, Ben and Mahogany’s vague Instagram posts also don’t say whether or not they’re still together after the wedding. 90 day fiancé: before 90 days meeting. Fans were unable to hear Mahogany’s side of the story as his introductory interview was also not recorded. It was Ben who later revealed that Mahogany had a law degree and used filters just for fun on social media. But Ben isn’t reliable enough as a narrator for fans to believe him. Mahogany’s current relationship status on Facebook indicates that she is single. An old photo of Mahogany from season five at a Lima acting school is proof that she is a trained actress. So was she making plans to marry Ben the second time she visited Peru before the Tell-All was part of an act? After revealing her secret about her English, maybe Mahogany will slowly start spilling more tea on herself on Instagram.

Source: Mahogany Rock/Instagram

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