90 Day Fiancé: Why Miona Bell’s Before & After Photos Are Creating A Stir

Serbian 90 day fiancé Before and after photos of actress Miona Bell on Instagram have led to accusations of blackfishing. Jibri Bell from South Dakota met Miona two and a half years ago while she was on tour with her band Black Serbs in her country. The Nis woman gave Jibri butterflies in her stomach and before they knew her, he was proposing to Miona while she was on vacation in Thailand. In 90 day fiancé season 9, Miona moves to America to stay with Jibri and her family. Although Miona wants a Kardashian-esque lifestyle in Los Angeles, she may have to settle for a Rapid City lifestyle.

The clumsy and wild Jibri has found his soulmate in the feisty little fireball with a temper that is Miona. Jibri left home at the age of 17 and lived in many parts of the United States before settling in Los Angeles. However, when applying for Miona’s K-1 visa, the pandemic affected his concerts and traveling around the world put a hole in Jibri’s wallet, forcing him to return to his parents’ house. . He wants Miona to stay with him in her small town for about six to twelve months until the leader of the Black Serbs, Jibri, can recover. But Miona would rather see New York and Los Angeles than get married on the prairie and live like a 50-year-old woman.

As Jibri and Miona deal with the sadness of the wedding in 90 day fiancéHer fans comment on Miona’s change of look. Several old photos of her have circulated online in which she looks nothing like the Miona on Instagram. Instagram blogger @90daythemelanatedway shared before and after photos of Miona, showing her with lighter skin and straight hair. In recent photos of her, Miona sports a tanned complexion and tight curls and, as some fans of hers have noted, fuller lips. Fans started calling Miona out for blackfishing, which is a term used when a white person tries to look black.

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A comment deleted from Miona’s Instagram shows her responding to someone asking if that’s her real skin tone, since Serbia is a European country. Miona’s controversial response is: “Leave them wondering if this keeps me relevant! It wouldn’t be fun if he solved the mystery..” However, Miona also told the fan that she wasn’t trying to be something that she wasn’t. As more and more fans commented that Miona “looks more like she’s dressed up as a Kardashian fishing in black… sigh” either “So 90 days doesn’t even do background checks anymore?On the Internet, Miona published a statement confirming that she is from Serbia. But Miona explained that her family roots are both Middle Eastern and Mexican, according to a DNA test.

Miona wants to present herself as a Serbian because she considers it a culture. Still, fans aren’t sold on Miona’s explanation, as they feel like she missed the point entirely. Miona did not talk about her drastic change in skin color and wearing of wigs as she defended traditional Serbian hairstyles. Fans think there is nothing wrong with Miona being proud of her culture, but the fact that she ignores the accusations of blackfishing in her statement is what they find offensive. There is more Miona to see in 90 day fiancéso maybe in the future she will give relevant answers about her makeover to the fans who are waiting for her.

Sources: @90daythemelanatedway/Instagram, Miona Bell/Instagram

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