American Idol: Noah Thompson Hopes Son Will Be Proud Of Him

Noah went on to say that he “was not expecting” to be reunited with Angel and Walker in Disneyland, and it was a real surprise. He shared, “It means the world to me for [Walker] to be here. It feels like home almost, there ain’t nothing like it. This is just a little glimpse of what I could do for him. This can completely change everything for him, for me, for my family. I really needed that to be honest.” Throughout the American Idol competition, Noah made it very clear that he was doing this for Walker in order to give him a good life. It was so important to him to set a good example for his son and to be someone of whom he could be proud. Noah achieved that goal.

Noah won American Idol because of his incredible country music singing, but that was only part of the story. His hope that he can be a good father to his son is relatable and helped people to connect with him. His humble demeanor is the reason that he continues to work to be the best version of himself for his son. Noah is the true definition of an American Idol.

Source: Music Mayhem

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