Apex Legends’ season 13 trailer introduces Newcastle and a giant new monster

SummitThe new legend of is ready for the arena, and the game has a new trailer to show off his many protective abilities. In the first trailer for apex legendsIn the new season, Salvador, we get a glimpse of Newcastle’s skills, as well as exciting battles and a giant sea monster. Apex Legends: Savior is scheduled for release on April 28.

The main protagonist of the trailer is Newcastle, who seems to be positioning themselves as the new legend of the game, which coincides with the March leak. Newcastle was first revealed as Bangalore’s brother Jackson in an earlier scene in Stories from the Outlands. It’s the first time we’ve seen him in action in Apex Arena, and the first time Bangalore realized that Newcastle, mysteriously cloaked in a cloak, was actually his long-lost brother.

Newcastle’s main focus is on shields, it seems, which comes in handy in the trailer as he, his sister, and the rest of Arena Legends face off against a massive enemy that invades midway through their match. The creature emerges from the ocean and puts out a few calls before Newcastle protects everyone and they manage to get it out.

While this trailer certainly teases a lot of additions to Summit season 13, we won’t know for sure what’s going on until Respawn reveals a bit more when the season arrives later this week.

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