Apple Account Card Vs. Apple Card: How Are They Different?

Put simply, the Apple Card is a digital and physical credit card while the Apple Account Card is a digital-only card for money available in a user’s Apple ID balance. Notwithstanding, there are other differences. Unlike the Apple Card which has requirements such as an age limit (18 or older) and a credit score check, the Apple Account Card doesn’t have such requirements. All a user needs is to have funds in their Apple ID balance. They can add funds by redeeming a gift card (Apple Gift Card or iTunes Gift Card) or code. There is also the option to fund the account using a credit or debit card.

As stated, there is no physical version of the Apple Account Card and this means that it can’t be used to make purchases at non-Apple stores. Instead, the money in a user’s Apple account balance can only be used for the purchase of goods and services from Apple. In contrast, those who own an Apple (Credit) Card can use it to pay for Apple apps and services and also use it anywhere credit cards are accepted. They also get perks for using the card. There is also no signing up for Apple Account Card as the user just had to open the Wallet app, tap the “+” button and select “Add Apple Account.” The card will then appear in the app, providing the user has money available in their Apple ID balance.

Source: 9to5Mac

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