Apple Wallet Digital ID Now Available In Maryland: How To Get Started

It’s surprisingly easy to get started using a Maryland driver’s license or ID card in the Apple Wallet. The process starts the same as adding any type of card or pass to the wallet, which is by opening the application and tapping the ‘+’ symbol at the top right corner of the screen. Then, a list of different types of cards and passes will appear. Tap the option to add a Maryland state ID card to the wallet, and a slew of prompts will help the user set up the new feature. The state will need a clear and legible photo of the front and back of the physical card, as well as a photo of the person trying to set up the feature. To verify the cardholder is the same person adding the ID card to their wallet, the app uses a process similar to Face ID’s setup calibration to ensure the user is actually present and alert. Finally, a photo is taken and sent to the state MVA, which verifies the application.

The functionality is limited not only in daily use, but also in the devices and software that it is compatible with — using a digital ID card requires an iPhone 8 or later running iOS 15.4 or newer. It’s also available on the Apple Watch, but only on the Series 4 or later running WatchOS 8.4 or later. A state ID can only be added to one phone and paired watch at a time, which has its security benefits, but might make phone and watch upgrades a hassle. For now, the feature is more of a gimmick for most people with a Maryland state ID, unless the user travels often at the BWI or Reagan National airports. Hopefully the concept of Apple’s digital ID cards becomes more useful in the future.

Source: Maryland MVA

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