Arrested Development Theory Claims The Bluths Are All Norse Gods

It stands to reason that the patriarch of arrested developmentThe Bluth family would be the replacement for the patriarch of the Norse gods. According to the theory, George Bluth Sr. is Odin. Odin is the father of many other important Norse gods, the Aesir, and sits at the head of the pantheon. A particularly relevant story about Odin is that he once traveled for a long time, and while he was away, his brothers Vili and Ve acted in his place. This draws parallels with arrested development‘s George Bluth Sr. and the Allfather, making George Odin’s replacement in the series, as George’s identical twin Oscar is often used to take his place in prison or in the Bluth family. While George Bluth Sr. may not possess the integrity one would expect from Odin, he cannot deny himself his place at the head of the family.

Lucille Bluth as Frigg

The argument for Lucille as Frigg may be the weakest in theory, but there is still a strong case to be made because of her place in the Bluth family. Frigg is the wife of Odin and the mother of Baldr, and she is often associated with marriage, prophecy, clairvoyance, and motherhood. The last of these is perhaps the best connection to the character of Lucille Bluth, although the show pays very little attention to her abilities as a mother, being a wife and mother is undoubtedly her role within the hierarchy. of the Bluth family.

In fact, Lucille’s characterization could actually be a profound example of arrested developmentit’s meta-humor. The responsibilities of motherhood are not something Lucille particularly values, although she is often portrayed as a loving and caring mother. Her role as matriarch of the Bluth family is unclear, but the attributes that tie her to Frigg are attributes that only Lucille believes she has. In this, Lucille sees herself as a goddess and she believes that she embodies the virtues of Frigg, though the rest of the Bluth family see her in a very different light.

Gob Bluth is Loki

One of the most obvious parallels between arrested development and Norse mythology is between Gob, the eldest of the Bluth children, and Loki. Loki is the Norse God of Evil, also known as the Trickster God, famous for his ability to create magical illusions. While his MCU counterpart may be more famous, the Norse version of Loki is no different from the movie’s villain: he acts for and against the other gods of the Norse pantheon. Mainly, the Norse god Loki has the ability to change shape, but it has also been described that he can control fire and has powers related to knots and chains.

This puts the Norse god Loki very much in line with Gob Bluth, an aspiring illusionist who regularly attempts great feats of illusion or evasion. Gob’s role as George’s son is not so much in keeping with Norse mythology, as Loki is only Odin’s adopted son in the MCU story, not mainstream Norse mythology. However, the actual details of his characterization as a wizard draw considerable parallels to the Norse god Loki, making him arrested developmentit’s clearly a replacement for the cheater.

Buster Bluth is Tire

One of the other more obvious character parallels between arrested development and Norse mythology is Buster and Tyr. In Norse mythology, Tyr sacrifices her hand to Fenrir and is almost always depicted without her. After many foreshadows, Buster loses his hand in arrested development when bitten by a seal. In Norse mythology, Tyr is less represented than the other Norse gods, and is often defined simply by the lack of his hand.

In the show, the youngest son, Bluth, is defined by his relationship with arrested development‘s Lucille, and Buster escaping from his mother’s control is what ultimately leads to him being bitten by a seal. This parallels the story of Tyr, whose hand is bitten off by Fenrir to gain the god’s freedom. Although Buster’s missing hand doesn’t really allow him to break free from Lucille Bluth’s emotional tyranny, the ideas behind the character reflect the story of the Norse god Tyr.

Michael Bluth is Thor

The final part of the theory is about Michael Bluth, arrested developmentthe main character. According to theory, Michael is Thor, the protector of man. The Thor of Norse mythology is somewhat different from the Thor of the MCU, but he shares many common traits with the well-known Marvel hero. Traditionally, Thor is associated with lightning, thunder, strength, and the protection of mankind.

Michael Bluth is the most rational member of the Bluth family and is considered by them to be their protector. According to the theory, his role as son of George (Odin) and his apparent responsibility to protect his family make him arrested developmentIt’s Thor, especially since he’s the central character. Furthermore, the theory links Michael’s construction business to Thor’s hammer, as it is one of the tools he uses in his role as protector of the Bluth family. Like the other members of the Bluth family, Michael’s ties to his Norse god counterpart may be relatively minor, but since nearly all of the major arrested development the characters have a corresponding Norse god, the theory is surprisingly compelling.

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