Berserk Cosplay of Guts’ Armor is Absolutely Jaw-Dropping

a fan of crazed created a great cosplay of bowels‘ the famous Berserk armor, which he wore at Paris Manga and Japan Expo 2022. Sadae Cosplay specializes in armor and accessories, and his take on one of Guts’ iconic looks is jaw-dropping.

Berserk Armor first appeared in chapter 222 of the manga. He was forged by a dwarf blacksmith and has the ability to bring out the user’s negative emotions, while suppressing their pain and fear, allowing them to bypass the limitations of his body. This dangerous yet powerful item was once used by the mysterious Skull Knight to fight demons, then left in the custody of the witch Flora, who then passed it on to Guts. The armor gives Guts a much-needed boost in his combat abilities during the latter part of crazed, but it has a very high price. The spirit that gives the armor its powers, if left unchecked, can transform the wearer into a savage, bloodthirsty monster, much like the berserker of Norse lore.

Sadae spent three months building and perfecting her Guts Berserk armor, and the results can be easily seen in the photos posted on her Instagram account. Sadae is a professional and expert in cosplay armor and accessories, but this has to be some of her best work to date. The level of detail put into each armor plate, the way they fit together perfectly, and the stunning combination of helmet and gorget all come together to create a fantastic piece of art, inspired by the late Kentaro Miura’s masterpiece. Of course, this great cosplay could not be missing from Dragonslayer, the iconic sword of Guts that, with its size and unique appearance, has captured the imagination of thousands of fans over the years.

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Sadae also shared photos of the armor in development and confessed that it was very difficult to make, even using 3D Pepakura (papercraft) paper models as a base. He added an interesting detail: the helmet he created is actually from the earlier version of the armor, the one worn by Skull Knight. The armor adapts its shape to the wearer, and when Guts wears it, the helmet takes on a distinctive wolf shape. However, this particular shape was too difficult to pull off, so even the talented Sadae had to give up and settle for another design.

The sudden passing of Kentaro Miura means that crazed fans will never get to read the end of his dark and gripping story. However, as Sadae’s incredible cosplay proves, fans who have come to love and appreciate crazed the passing of the years will keep the memory of the manga alive.

Source: Sada Cosplay

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