Best Elden Ring armor locations and sets

You can find the best Elden Ring Armor Sets scattered throughout the game. And not always in a remote, hard-to-reach area: some of them can drop surprisingly early in the Elden Ring, and one of the Beginner class Elden Ring Armor is among the best. Please consult with hocwiki 

Best Elden Ring Armor locations and sets

Of course, it all depends on the type of build or playstyle you adopt. No need to go for heavy and tanky Elden Ring Armor if you want to play as a fast and ranged magic caster. What is “best” will be different for everyone. Regardless of what you plan on using, though, you’ll definitely want to spend some stamina points. This stat determines how much you use and pretty much anything worth using will need you to bump it up a bit. If it’s not high enough, you’ll do a “fat spin,” which is a slow dodge spin that makes you a heavy target and something you really want to avoid. In general, the best Elden Ring Armor sets are more or less heavy, so leveling up your “carry stuff” stat is essential.

Regardless of what you’re looking for, though, we’ve found some of the best Elden Ring Armor locations below, along with a map and some explanations to help you find them. As we mentioned, some decent stuff can be found very quickly, so there are early and late stages here. We can also give you our definitive answer to the question of

Elden Ring Armor Locations

While some specific enemies may randomly drop some Elden Ring Armor, most of the best Elden Ring Armor sets aren’t, and we’ve reduced the Elden Ring Armor which will help players who are feeling a bit stripped down. What we’ve listed above and below are some of the best armor slots, keeping in mind the needs of multiple player types. Here is Elden Ring Armor Locations If these Elden Ring Armor sets are redeemed at the Round Table, we have instead marked the location of the boss you must kill to unlock them.

Elden Ring Armor Locations
Elden Ring Armor Locations

Banished Knight Armor

Fairly common Elden Ring Armor that is surprisingly one of the best in the game, albeit quite heavy. All rooms have a very small chance to drop from Banished Knights, the tall, tough knights that can sometimes be found wandering the later areas of Castle Stormveil (such as the room with the Mimic Veil).

Radahn Elden Ring Armor

Tremendously balanced but also extremely heavy, definitely only for those with high strength and high gear load. The helmet, arms, legs, and chest armor can be purchased separately from Enia for runes at the Round Table after defeating Starscourge Radahn in Redmane Castle. It also makes you look a bit like Ganondorf.

lden ring armor sets locations
Elden Ring Armor sets locations

Rabid Wolf Elden Ring Armor

It looks good, but it also offers very good defense without being too heavy. He completes two assassination contracts for Lady Tanith at Volcano Manor, then goes hunting with his goon Bernahl at Leyndell. You’ll also get Scaled Armor along the way, which is a useful substitute for Radahn’s armor and looks pretty cool.

Knight armor

A heavy but solid Elden Ring Armor for the middle of the game. Sold by Twin Husks to Roundtable Hold after defeating Godrick. If you are struggling with that, we have a guide on how to beat Godrick in Elden Ring.

Queen Crescent Crown

Part of the Queen set, this helmet enhances intelligence when worn. Defeat Rennala’s boss at Raya Lucaria Academy, then buy it from Enia at the Round Table to get runes.

elden ring armor locations early
Elden Ring Armor locations early

Wandering Elden Ring Armor

Another heavy but sturdy option that can’t be organically obtained until mid to late game. old snowy valley

Scale Armor

Light but protective armor that works well early in the game. Sold by the trader next to the Grace Site of the Rampart of Morne Castle.

Samurai Elden Ring Armor in the land of reeds

Decent protection and surprisingly light. The samurai starts with it, or is sold by the merchant in North Caelid, next to the Grace site of Lonely Merchant’s Hut.

elden ring armor locations beginning
Elden Ring Armor locations beginning

Great Helm

Although it’s just a helmet, it offers incredibly high defense and is worth pursuing. Sold by the Southern Frostbite Trader along with the Less Notable Champion Elden Ring Armor Sets .

Crowns of Karolus and Olivinus Glintstone

If you can’t get the Queen’s Crescent Crown, these helmets increase your intelligence at the cost of stamina or HP, depending on what you’re wearing – a very solid option for mages. Both found in Raya Lucaria Academy, both require detours to find:

  1. (a) Olivine it is south of Grace’s school class site. Go left and hit the bookshelf to reveal a hidden balcony. Jump left, follow it and climb over the rocks to find the crown on a corpse.
  2. (b) Carol it’s right after the site of Grace’s debate room, where you fought the Red Wolf of Radagon boss. Exit, then go to the northwest corner of the courtyard and follow the path to the left along the edge of the cliff to find a glowing crab in the bushes. Kill him for Karolus’s crown.

What is the best Elden Ring Armor sets ?

The Elden Ring Armor is overwhelming. There are so many different pieces and sets of armor, each with dizzying stats and numbers, it’s hard to figure out what’s worth taking off the original armor and equipping it with. So What is the best Elden Ring Armor sets ?

What is the best elden ring armor sets ?
What is the best Elden Ring Armor sets ?
What are the best armor sets in Elden Ring ?
What are the best armor sets in Elden Ring ?

But when it is important to protect your meager life rod, getting inside the best defense you can find can mean the difference between a sweet success and another failure.

Cleanrot Knight set

The Knight Cleanrot is the best Elden Ring Armor sets has some great resistances and is relatively easy to get. It requires a little patience and quite a bit of equipment. Head to Caelid’s Aeonia Swamp and defeat the Cleanrot Knights that spawn there, giving you a chance to loot a piece from the set.

elden ring all armor sets
elden ring all armor sets

Night’s Cavalry armor

The Night’s Cavalry Elden Ring Armor is a bit hard to find but offers good defense without being too heavy. After receiving the Halitree medal, go to the Consecrated Snowfields. In particular, there is the Consecrated Snow Field Grace Site inside it. Wait until the sun goes down and head southwest of the base until you reach the treasure chest. The two Night Riders kept it. Defeat them one by one and you’ll get armor when the last one drops.

Royal Remains

The Royal Remains armor stands out as one of the most unique melee Elden Ring Armor and is quickly becoming one of the most popular pieces of armor.

elden ring armor sets early
Elden Ring Armor sets early

Physical resistance is slightly lower than some starting innings, but the difference in weight, calming bonuses and passives are worth catching.

elden ring armor sets locations
Elden Ring Armor sets locations

When your health is very low, the Royal Remains set will heal you a bit, saving you time.

Otherwise, the best Elden Ring Armor will vary depending on the type of character build you create, but also the type of enemy you face. Armor doesn’t just have a protection stat, but your degree of protection varies depending on what hits you: some will resist magical attacks better, others will help you more against physical hits. Keep that in mind when considering boss fights and what you’re up against, as well as your own weaknesses and strengths.

How do you get Elden Ring Armor sets ?

This guide will show you all the Elden Ring Armor Sets available in the game – high quality images of front and back images, as well as a full catalog with detailed descriptions and information. So How do you get Elden Ring Armor sets ?

Elden Ring Armor upgrade guide

There are two main ways to upgrade your weapon. One is in the church of Ele, and the other is in the round table holder. When the game starts, you can only access the previous game. Here you can use a lower value Smithing Stone to upgrade your gear by default.

Elden ring armor upgrade guide 
Elden Ring Armor upgrade guide

Unfortunately, the Elden Ring does not have the ability to upgrade Elden Ring Armor . Elden Ring Armor sets found in the open world always have the same stats. However, if you want to increase your defense, you can upgrade your shield.

Upgrading Weapons at the Church of Elleh

Right next to the Calle Merchant in Ele Cathedral is the blacksmith’s table. Interacting with it will show you the current payload in your inventory and a list of all available upgrades for your gear. To upgrade, you need to exchange forge stones and runes.

Upgrading Weapons at the Church of Elleh
Upgrading Weapons at the Church of Elleh

Upgrading Weapons at Roundtable Hold

As part of the main story, you are eventually invited to a roundtable. From there, go down the hallway to the right and you’ll see Forge Master Hugh. Here you can upgrade weapons and armor beyond the power of the blacksmith table in Ele Church.

Upgrading Weapons at Roundtable Hold
Upgrading Weapons at Roundtable Hold

How to upgrade thieves guild Elden Ring Armor ?

No, Elden Ring Armor cannot be upgraded or upgraded , with the small exception of modifying clothing at grace sites, which slightly changes the stats of some outfits without necessarily improving them; Usually this removes some parts of the armor, such as capes, at a reduced weight, but this also reduces overall protection. Unlike weapons and armaments, Hewg and the other blacksmiths won’t upgrade your Elden Ring Armor no matter how many Elden Ring forging stones you offer; it’s up to you to find a better set.

How to upgrade thieves guild armor ?
How to upgrade thieves guild armor ?

Video tutorial Elden Ring Armor early game


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