Best Wonder Woman villains

Wonder Woman has her share of sworn enemies, and one of the most infamous, her own Ares family member, the God of War, joins the so-called ‘Dark Army’ of super-villains who will seemingly kill the Justice League. – Wonder Woman included – in the “Death of the Justice League” story from Justice League #75.

But Ares is just one of the weird and mythical villains that made Wonder Woman’s adventures famous, and here we have the roundup of the top ten Wonder Woman villains.

10. Conflict / Eris

Conflict / Eris

9. Silver Swan

silver swan

8. Gigantic


7. Apollo


6. Dr. Psycho

psycho doctor

5. Firstborn


4. Ares


3. Mr Maxwell

mr maxwell

2. Cheetah




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Legendary witch Circe came into conflict with Wonder Woman when she believed that Diana was part of a prophecy that would grant her immense power.

He tried to kill Wonder Woman to fulfill the prophecy, but failed, beginning a long career of threatening the Amazon warrior, even bringing her into conflict with the Justice League and Wonder Woman’s allies.

Circe was perhaps the most powerful and consistent thorn in Diana’s side, making her Wonder Woman’s greatest enemy.

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