BioShock 4 Can Finally Realize The First Game’s Dream

A more reactive environment would breathe life into the richly designed worlds of BioShock. Instead of encountering the same four Splicers in the same level area, players could discover fresh enemies and new quests in a dynamic, shifting world. BioShock 4 could honor the series’ trademark first-person storytelling, while generating new, repayable experiences through a dynamic environment that ebbs and flows with the players’ progress.

BioShock 4 is still a long ways off, as Cloud Chamber is continuing to hire development team members. In the meantime, now is the best time to play the BioShock games, as all three have been remastered in the high-definition BioShock: The Collection. The collection includes all of the best things about BioShock: the original games in HD, plus a bevy of behind-the-scenes extras and a fully explorable “museum” of abandoned ideas and character models from the first game. BioShock 4 is all but guaranteed to follow in its predecessors’ footsteps.

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