Broken Social Scene’s Biggest Album is Being Turned into a Graphic Novel

you forgot about people it was a masterpiece when it was released in late 2002 and eventually appeared on several “best albums of the 2000s” lists. The album was unlike anything else at the time and resonated with a generation. Now writer Lonnie Nadler and a roster of Canada’s top illustrators are adapting this amazing album into graphic novel format. The preview pages provided by Z2 Comics show the variety of styles seen on You forgot in People: The Graphic Novel. The album itself is extensive, spanning multiple instruments and styles, and it’s only fitting that its graphic novel adaptation reflects that diversity.

Z2 comics has distinguished himself for his music-themed graphic novels and the adaptation of Shattered social scene legendary you forgot about people looks like another winner.

You forgot in People: The Graphic Novel is available to order from Z2 Comics now.

Source: Z2 Comics

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