Cancelled Marvel MMO Images Reveal Factions & Customization

The art direction paying homage to Into the Spiderverse looks like a departure from the original concept art, which was less stylized and much more detailed. However, it wouldn’t have been an unwelcome change, as building a Spider-Verse inspired character would certainly appeal to many Marvel fans. The movie’s popularity has had a massive impact on Marvel’s art and storylines since its release, so it’s no surprise to see the influence continue in their video games. The screenshot even shows comic-book-style bubbles and blocks, like in both Marvel’s comics and Spiderverse.

As previously mentioned, no gameplay footage had ever been released, but with these screenshots, fans could begin to imagine what it might have been like. Whether it was for the Avengers or Fantastic Four, players could have sided with their favorite Marvel characters as their own hero alongside other players. While the world may never get to experience that, perhaps fans can look forward to the other projects EG7 and Daybreak will shift their focus on instead.

Source: Video Games Chronicle

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