Dark Tower Prequel Comic Is A Must-Read For Every Stephen King Fan

What makes The Dark Tower: Beginnings even more amazing for fans is that at the end of every issue there is a brilliant story written by Robin Furth that does a deep dive into the vast lore of The Dark Tower, such as talking about Gan and The Beams, The Prim, the creation of Maerlyn’s Rainbow, and the origin of the vastly evil Crimson King. Furth is known for writing The Dark Tower: A Complete Concordance I & II, two incredibly detailed and well received encyclopedic companion books for The Dark Tower, and her writing at the end of each issue of The Dark Tower: Beginnings is truly helpful for understanding the larger complexities of the novels lore. Besides being a brilliant story, deftly adapted into a comic script by Peter David, the art by Jae Lee and Isanove is so gorgeous and aligned with the mood of the series that it almost feels like the novels were always meant to be comic books. The way that both artists are able to draw such intense beauty and also such horrifying violence and evil, like the truly disgusting witch Rhea, is simply otherworldly. It also makes the first story of Roland and Susan Delgado’s lost love so emotionally impactful—even if you have read the novels several times.

If you’re a fan of Stephen King’s brilliant Dark Tower series, or if you want to jump into the universe before starting on the 8 novels, make sure to check out the prequel graphic novels The Dark Tower: Beginnings from Marvel Comics.

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