Dashcam director claims the movie has been banned from UK cinema chain for being too “offensive”

Dashcam director Rob Savage has claimed that his new horror movie has been banned from UK cinema chain Vue due to being deemed too “offensive”. 

“Apparently Vue cinemas have canceled our screenings of DASHCAM because the movie is too offensive!” Savage tweeted. “If that doesn’t make you want to watch this film, what will?”

Attached to the tweet is a screenshot of a Twitter direct message, which is seemingly from the cinema chain’s customer service account and says: “I have received feedback from our staffing screen and they have decided we won’t be showing Dashcam at any of our venues due to the contents of the movie which may offend our audiences, we at Vue believe in diversity and any movie which may offend audiences, we may decide to no longer show at the last second without notice.”

The movie stars Annie Hardy as Annie, a woman who travels to the UK to get away from COVID-19 lockdowns in the US and embarks on a road trip that she live streams online. However, things soon take a horrifying turn. The whole movie is shot from the perspective of either Annie’s iPhone or the dashcam in her car. 

Savage’s last movie was another lockdown horror flick, Host. The movie follows a group of friends who hire a medium to conduct a seance over Zoom, but things quickly start going wrong.

GamesRadar+ has reached out to Vue for comment. No screenings of Dashcam are visible on the Vue website at the time of writing. 

Dashcam arrives in theaters on June 3. In the meantime, check out our picks of the most exciting upcoming movies in 2022 and beyond.

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