D&D Reveals New Giant Subclasses & Feats

Giant Options also includes lots of new D&D feats relating to giants, elementals, and the art of rune magic. These include specific feats for Cloud, Fire, Frost, Hill, Storm, and Stone giants, each granting the power of one of these majestic monsters. The Elemental Touched feat gives the character an elemental power that can be used as a bonus action and can be changed after a long rest, giving it a lot of utility. The Rune Carver Apprentice feat is bound to be popular with D&D‘s sorcerers and their few low spell slots, as it lets the character carve a rune on an item that grants them a free spell once per day, from a wide selection of level one spells, including spells like cure wounds and goodberry.

The Unearthed Arcana articles for D&D are used to prepare material for upcoming books. It was due to these articles that fans learned of the return of the Dragonlance and Spelljammer campaign settings, long before they were officially announced by Wizards of the Coast. It’s likely that this latest Unearthed Arcana is hinting at a Primordial book, as it’s referring to giants, elementals, and ancient forms of magic. It’s unclear whether this will be a lore book or a new campaign, as D&D returned to the Feywild in a campaign, so the return of the Primordials could happen in a number of different ways in a future Dungeons & Dragons book.

Source: Unearthed Arcana

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