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DIY Father’s Day Tuxedo Card

Do you need a card idea for Father’s Day? Why not create this easy tuxedo card for Father’s Day?

Ours is super chic as it’s made from black paper, but you can easily use any other color to make it less formal.

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Father's Day Tuxedo Card Free Printable Papercraft Templates

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Surprise the best dad in the world (or any other important figure in your children’s or student’s life) with a classy tuxedo card. It’s really quick and easy to make, so it’s also a great project to do in class.

Since this one has an extra chic look, you can wear it for other occasions as well, and not just for kids.

You can really make an original birthday invitation, birthday card or card for any other occasion.

Crafts for kids with tuxedo cards for father's day

Father's Day Tuxedo Card Free Printable Papercraft Templates

How to make a tuxedo card for father’s day

What do you need:

  • card backing (get it at the store or make it from white construction paper or thicker printer paper)
  • black paper (plain or construction paper)
  • red printing paper
  • 2-3 small buttons
  • scissors
  • glue

Marker to write your message on the card.

Follow the step by step tutorial for this DIY Tuxedo Card

Fold a sheet of black paper in half. Make sure the fold is clean.

Place the bottom of the white card on the black paper, next to the fold; use it as a template to cut out the black paper.

Open the black card and apply glue to one side of the card.

Insert the base of the white card (the fold should be next to the fold of the black card) and press down to set the glue.

Cut a straight slit in the black paper (one side without glue), down the middle of the page and about a quarter to a third of the way down the card.

Fold to the side (both) to get the V-shape of your shirt card neckline.

It is not necessary to glue the neck, just make sure the folds are clean.

Open the black card and apply glue.

Press so that the black part of the card adheres to the base of the white card.

It’s time to decorate your tuxedo card for Father’s Day!

Glue 2-3 buttons. For super small buttons, using regular glue may suffice, although glue dots seem to be the best option (or the glue gun).

If you want a super simple card, cut a bow out of paper. For a more sophisticated look, make it stand out in 3D like we did in a few easy steps.

Cut a thin strip of red paper (the length should be approximately equal to the width of the card when folded). Add glue to one end and roll it into a paper roll.

Press the paper roll down to flatten it and cut out an arch shape.

Cut an even thinner (and shorter) strip of red paper, apply glue to it (the entire length), and wrap it around the center part of the bow.

Pretty fancy, right?

Add some glue to the back of the bow, press down and stick it to the card.

Write your message and deliver the Father’s Day Tuxedo Card to the indicated person.

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