Doctor Strange 2 Will Show How Stephen Has Changed Since First Movie

It’s interesting to hear Waldron focus so specifically on the original. strange doctor the cinema, since multiverse of madness you will ultimately explore many different variations of Stephen, each with their own universe and experience. Previous Doctor strange in the multiverse of madness Trailers have already provided glimpses of some of these variants, such as the heroic Defender Strange and a more evil Sinister Strange (first seen in Marvel’s And yes? Serie). However, based on Waldron’s comments, doctor strange 2 will also spend time exploring how the Stephen of the hallowed timeline that MCU audiences know and love has changed as well.

the events of Spider-Man: No Coming Home they were without a doubt a major turning point in the MCU. While Doctor Strange acted largely as a supporting character during Holland’s third solo outing as Peter Parker, his actions were ultimately the cause of the Multiverse breaking up. Since Waldron mentions that doctor strange 2the story was “picked up” later without going home, Stephen will clearly answer his mistake. It looks like audiences will see how Strange’s immense power changed the character, for better or worse, when Doctor strange in the multiverse of madness it comes out next month.

Source: Gaming Radar

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