Doctor Strange 2 Writer Watched Raimi’s Spider-Man Movies To Prepare

At this point, Waldron is essentially the gatekeeper of the MCU’s multiverse, fleshing out concepts like variants and alternate timelines/universes on Disney+. Loki respecting what is already established in avengers endgame. He talked at length about how doctor strange 2 Y Loki informing each other, the emotional stakes of the film, and the danger of stretching the scope too far. It seems that Waldron’s goal with multiverse of madness is to put a mirror to its protagonists and underline the fact that doctor strange 2 It is first and foremost a Sam Raimi film.

It’s safe to say that screenwriters don’t always write with the director in mind. That said, Waldron’s desire to capitalize on Raimi’s vision rather than simply work within the general parameters of the MCU makes Doctor strange in the multiverse of madness all the more exciting. And if that’s not enough, the trailer footage shows several variants, including an evil Strange/Strange Supreme, Defender Strange, and Patrick Stewart as a version of Professor X. In other words, this is one thrill-packed Marvel movie. to get fans of both the MCU as a whole and Raimi very excited.

Source: SFX Magazine (via Doctor Strange Updates/Twitter)

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