Doctor Who Redefines David Tennant’s Darkest Moment as Martha Faces Death

The prospect of revisiting one of the Doctor’s darkest moments has a lot of potential. It is always possible to recontextualize the moment in new terms. For example, if Martha tells this story to the Pyrometh as a distraction before finding a way to free herself, the Doctor’s deadliest act could end up saving her life. It’s also possible that the comic depicts a different encounter between the Doctor and Racnoss, an interaction that could give new meaning to his harsh treatment of them in “Runaway Bride”.

An incredibly popular version of the Doctor, David Tennant’s portrayal increased the Time Lord’s rage potential, and his ruthless approach to Racnoss showed who he can become if lost in rage. it seems that the Doctor Who: Special 2022 will look back on that fateful moment and perhaps reveal that it had consequences beyond anything fans have seen thus far, perhaps even helping save Martha Jones’ life.

Source: RBC

Doctor Who: Special 2022 comes from Titan Comics on July 5, 2022.

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