Download BioShock: The Collection While It’s Free On PC

Although the gaming community has leveled no shortage of complaints against Epic Games Store’s exclusivity, the platform continues to deliver solid deals and free offers. The ongoing Epic Mega Sale is a great example of this, as the ability to download BioShock: The Collection for free follows the well-received Borderlands 3 as a free game, and two more heavy hitters are expected to be made available over the next two weeks of the Epic Mega Sale. Outside of the weekly free games, other popular titles like Sifu and Horizon Zero Dawn have received hefty discounts.

BioShock is fondly remembered as a gaming heavyweight, and BioShock: The Collection is a reminder of the franchise’s quality. It’s impossible to say what the future of the franchise will look like, but for any PC players who have yet to experience Rapture or the sky-bound Columbia for themselves, this free offer for BioShock: The Collection is a perfect opportunity.

Source: Epic Games Store

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