Elden Ring mod adds the kind of seamless co-op we’d love to have

elden ring It is a game full of mysteries. It’s the call! Even in a popular and widely released title like this, it’s the rare game where every discovery a player makes can feel like they’re the first person in the world to discover it, even if they followed a guide to get there. However, some things about elden ring it would be better if they were less mysterious and opaque, how the cooperative mode of Dang Game works. This naturally inspired a modder to come up with a way to make elden ringis a transparent and unrestricted cooperative, and honestly? It’s a dream.

First spotted by The Gamer, YouTuber LukeYui has been working on a mod that removes a large number of elden ringMultiplayer restrictions. In short: the game generally only allows players to summon co-op in certain areas, usually where there is a boss or a lair of enemies to defeat. The player-to-player connection persists only until the zone boss is defeated, a player dies, or leaves the specified multiplayer zone.

In the YouTube footage, LukeYui appears to have found a way around the triggers that would normally cause her co-op to fire, by defeating a Tree Sentinel area boss with another player, then lounging around a campfire with them, both of which They are behavior. this would normally end the cooperative session.

Less is often more, and the fact that elden ring just allowing him to temporarily ask for help in certain areas, the areas where he might really need it, goes a long way to making that help feel more meaningful. However, sometimes it’s nice to think about exploring The Lands Between with a friend, not because there’s an enemy to kill, but because it’s a beautiful world to see with someone else.

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