Elden Ring Radagon Cosplay Reassembles The Second Elden Lord

An impressive Elden Ring cosplayer has transformed themselves into Radagon of the Golden Order, who serves as the fantasy title’s penultimate boss. FromSoftware’s open-world soulslike epic contains a huge number of bloodthirsty bosses and lovable supporting characters, creating plenty of opportunities for cosplay. Known as the second husband of Queen Marika in Elden Ring lore, Elden Lord Radagon is a powerful foe who bars players from reaching the game’s final monstrous enemy.

The story of Elden Ring largely centers around a lineage of demigods descending from Queen Marika and Radagon. As the sovereign deity of the Lands Between, Queen Marika first joined with Elden Lord Godfrey to produce godly offspring like Godwyn, Morgott and Mohg. Meanwhile, Radagon and his first wife Rennala had three magical children named Ranni, Radagon and Rykard. After banishing Godfrey from the Lands Between, Marika joined with Radagon and crowned him the second Elden Lord. Their union led to the birth of even more demigod offspring, the twins Miquella and Malenia. The Radagon boss battle in Elden Ring reflects the champion’s godly status, but one fan has elected to become the Elden Lord rather than defeat him.


Reddit user Piginthemud recently revealed a golden Radagon cosplay created for Atlanta’s MomoCon 2022. The second Elden Lord is brought to life almost perfectly, though obviously Piginthemud was unable to actually walk around barefoot or break off chunks of their torso. Radagon’s long red hair, an iconic trait passed down to his demigod descendants, is striking against the cosplayer’s grey-painted skin. The golden mark of the Elden Ring adorns the character’s chest, and Piginthemud even constructed the deity’s iconic hammer. The cosplay is a breathtaking approximation of what Radagon would look like in our world.

While the character is undeniably powerful, one Elden Ring player beat Radagon in 32 seconds through strategic use of weapons and talismans. From the start of the final boss fight Radagon actually goes down within 15 seconds, with the Tarnished player flawlessly dodging the Elden Lord’s every attack. After Radagon goes down the final battle against the Elden Beast commences, and the infamous Comet Azur spell is able to completely melt the cosmic creature in under ten seconds. Radagon is a truly challenging foe, so the impressive victory demonstrates how powerful Elden Ring players can become with some preparation.

Radagon is one of the most important characters in Elden Ring lore, and the powerful warrior serves as the first half of the game’s final battle. Piginthemud has flawlessly recreated the deity’s otherworldly design, including his rocky gray skin and fiery red hair. MomoCon guests determined to face the Elden Beast must first face off with Piginthemud and their magical hammer.

Elden Ring is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Source: Piginthemud/Reddit

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