Elvis Reviews Praise Butler’s Acting & Movie’s Visuals (But Not Much Else)

For Luhrmann, these are familiar reviews that evoke critical opinions of his previous works, such as Moulin Rouge!, Australia, and The Great Gatsby. These films also received praise for their distinctive style and creativity whilst earning criticism for having it come at the expense of the story. However, these assessments have often been at odds with wider public opinion as Luhrmann remains an extremely popular filmmaker with audiences, his unique style and typically romantic themes having established him as a profitable director and auteur. That being said, Elvis‘ runtime is noticeably longer than most of his other films, which may well test audience enthusiasm when compared to films like Romeo + Juliet and Strictly Ballroom.

With Elvis currently receiving divided reviews, it still seems that this is Luhrmann’s most critically successful film since Moulin Rouge!. As such, it seems likely that the rock and roll biopic will also do well financially when it is released in cinemas worldwide next month. However, given that the director seems to have his own devoted fanbase, and that Luhrmann’s unique visual style has proved divisive among audiences, it may be hard to tell how much influence this critical reception will ultimately have on Elvis‘s overall performance.

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