Even Shonen Jump’s Most Absurd Moments Can Be Saved by Great Art

At first, what saves the work is the immense care that mangaka Tatsu obviously puts into each of the members of the heavy metal band Hayashi, automatically making them more attractive. Usually ridiculous characters in shounen jump stories that serve no purpose other than comedic effect are usually made too cartoony. And yet in Dandadan, his design is more detailed than that of the main characters. Everything about each member of the Hayashi group is captivating, from their absurd costumes and hairstyles to his distinctive facial features.

This artistic journey culminates in the band’s energetic performance, captured in a highly detailed panel collage. These capture a pizzazz normally reserved for anime. Had the entire concert been portrayed in a comedic manner, the humor might have been oversaturated as fans often blame other manga like One piece be, but because of the skill on display, this brief foray into cartoonish territory serves as the perfect mix of comedy and spectacle that elevates the whole above its parts.

Shōnen Jump Manga that randomly incorporates goofy characters, especially those with overly expressive performances, can be offensive to readers. It was one of those moments when Dandadanexcept mangaka Yukinobu Tatsu was able to create a truly pleasurable experience through masterful execution of top-notch artwork.

Dandadan is available to read for free now on Viz Media.

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