Every Robert Eggers Movie Ranked Worst To Best (Including The Northman)

in no case is The witch a bad movie despite its location here. Set in the 1600s, Eggers’ debut album is a dark story that centers on a Puritan family who have been driven out of their New England town. As they establish a secluded new life next to a mysterious forest, strange things begin to happen as William (Ralph Ineson) and his loved ones discover that his faith is firmly tested. Given the time in which A24’s horror takes place, William’s family understandably suspects that his eldest daughter, Thomasin, is a witch in cahoots with the devil.

However, despite a series of harrowing scenes, The witch It is not a horror based on jump scares. In contrast, Eggers’ slow burner combines an eerie score with religious imagery to create an awkward atmosphere. That does not mean that there is no fear in The witch, however, with Black Phillip’s elimination of Thomasin’s father and the cackling naked witch, two terrifying moments. Thomasin’s decision to turn her back on his religion and join the witch clan after seeing her God-loving family die cements the sense of fear that runs through The Witch, as her prayers are answered. .

The witch was easily one of the best horrors of the 2010s, so to describe it as Eggers’ “worst” movie is more than a little harsh. Ralph Ineson, Kate Dickie, and the first Anya Taylor-Joy give authentic and believable performances, and the story is given time to build a sense of dread that is rewarding and satisfying. That said, Eggers’ later films show a marked improvement in his abilities as a cinematographer.

2. The Lighthouse (2019)

Lighthouse is a stunning thriller that mixes genres and explores depravity and loneliness in equal measure. The film based on the Eggers characters, set in the 1890s, centers on two lighthouse keepers whose sanity fails after a storm leaves them stranded on a remote island in the sea. excellent duo of Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe are the only faces on screen for most of the film, which gives Lighthouse an intensely insular feeling. However, where The Lighthouse differs from The witch is that it also has comedy points, such as the intermittent farts of Thomas Wake, which break the sadness of the film without detracting from the growing fear of the situation of the two lighthouse keepers.

a bit like The witchHowever, mythology plays a big part in Eggers’ second film, but he delves even deeper into Lighthouse. The setting is heavily influenced by the Greek tale of Prometheus, the superstitions of sailors, and the mermaids of The odyssey. These fantasy elements, like the eerie mermaid on the scrimshaw, underscore the blurred lines between reality and fantasy that highlight the lighthouse keepers’ descent into darkness.

Thus, the production and aesthetics of Eggers Lighthouse they are better than any Eggers film to date. north man It’s visually stunning, but LighthouseThe monochrome palette and almost square aspect ratio set it apart from other films. The film appears to have been produced in the century in which it is set, and its unique appearance adds to the claustrophobic and desperate situation the two commissioners find themselves in: making Eggers Lighthouse a decidedly unique spectacle in modern cinema.

1. The Northman (2022)

While all three of his films are quality affairs, Robert Eggers’ latest film is also his best. north man it allows the director to use his talents on a much larger scale than his first outings, and Eggers handles the transition well and uses the additional funds to put together an impressive show backed by a solid script. north man is based on the Norse legend of Amleth that inspired Hamlet, which means that many parts of Eggers’ audacious story feel surprisingly familiar despite north man being an original production. Much of the film follows Amleth as she awaits revenge against Fjölnir, her uncle who murdered his father. north man has possibly the best ending of any Eggers movie with a bittersweet and brutal conclusion, though the one with the lighthouse The horrible end of the seagull is near.

A familiar criticism Eggers faces is that the fantasy scenes in north man, like Valkyrie’s visions, are perplexing. But now it is clear that Eggers will not change his artistic vision and that these moments are an integral part of his films. His next movie will likely be his long-planned remake of the gothic horror movie classic. nosferate, where his love for mythology and fantasy will surely continue. For now, however, north man occupies approximately the first place in the ranking of Robert Egger‘ films.

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