Everything to do in Elden Ring before NG+

Knowing everything there is to do in Elden Ring before NG+ or New Game Plus is a great checklist. There are all sorts of things to find in the Elden Ring, and listing what to do before NG+ to maximize your experience and power can be a campaign in its own right! With special gear, resources, forging stones, quests, and more, Elden Ring goes far beyond the main story.

It’s also worth remembering that Elden Ring New Game Plus is an even bigger challenge than the original campaign, but not if you’re well equipped with the best items. To do this, and generally find anything you missed the first time around, check out our guide below on what to do before NG+ in Elden Ring.

Everything to do in Elden Ring before starting NG+

Elden Ring questline millicent the micelle needle

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The main thing you need to do in Elden Ring before starting New Game Plus is to make sure you have found something unique that cannot be farmed or obtained infinitely in a single game. Otherwise, you will lose the opportunity to get them completely until the new game starts and return to that point. With that in mind, here are some essential things to do before you go back to when you were a humble blob.

Unique items to get before starting Elden Ring NG+

Elden Ring Golden Seeds vial sacred golden sapling

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We’ll start with a basic list of items. These can be found in every game, but cannot be mined infinitely in the base game or New Game Plus, so make sure you get as many of these finite resources as possible.

  1. Find all Elden Ring Map Fragments (yes, those carry over to NG+)
  2. Find all of the Elden Ring Golden Seeds to maximize the uses of your flasks.
  3. Find all 12 Holy Tears to improve the effectiveness of your vials.
  4. Locate as many larval tears as possible. These are used to respect your character, as noted on our Respec Elden Ring and Larval Tears page. We’ve even listed where to find them all!
  5. Locate as many Elden Ring Stone Sword Keys as possible.
  6. Find all of the Crystal Tears to ensure your Flask of Wondrous Physick has the most Versatility possible.
  7. Find all of the Unique Ancient Dragon Forge Stones (13 total) and Dark Ancient Dragon Forge Stones (8 total) – they can’t be farmed, but they will be kept, so this is your best chance to maximize the number what’s wrong with it. Or just spend them on your weapons to power them up before transferring, what works works.
  8. Find all Great Grave Glovewort and Great Ghost Glovewort upgrades for Spirit Summon.

All of these items are unique and cannot be farmed indefinitely, so make sure you get them now. You’ll be able to pick them up in NG+, but you’re still working from a limited pool anyway and aren’t as efficient as possible if you don’t. Not to mention, it’s much easier to get them now, at the end of a campaign, than it is to replenish your stock before another game.

Things to do before Elden Ring NG+

Walkthrough for Elden Ring Blaidd Quest Line Location

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Below, we’ll detail some helpful tips on special experiences, locations, locations, and activities that are best done late-game in one campaign, rather than trying to return to them in the next. We’ve also linked to more detailed explanations of these below, so just click on any of these ideas to learn more about what we mean and what to do.

  1. Use all the walking mausoleums to duplicate as many memories as you can and spend them with Finger Reader Enia.
  2. Locate all legendary spells, weapons, ash remains, and talismans if you wish to use them or try out the associated achievements/trophies.
  3. Complete all the NPC quests and kill all the bosses you care about.
  4. Use the vast resources and opportunities available to create the best possible build for your character.
  5. Close the end game areas to get a lot of runes and maximize your wealth.
  6. Deplete these runes with purchases and levels.

Mausoleums and travel souvenirs

Elden Ring things to do before new game plus ng+

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Walking mausoleums are giant, four-legged landmasses that roam the Elden Ring, each with a stone building on top of it. These buildings can be used to double the special memories you get from killing bosses, even after using them! In this way, you can get special items or spells from each memory, but not infinitely.

Each mausoleum can only be used once, and even then there are limits: some mausoleums have bells that ring underneath, others don’t. Those that don’t can only duplicate certain Memories, none of them.

With only 7 total walking mausoleums in the Elden Ring, and two of them without a bell and unable to replicate the demigod’s Shardbearer memories, you won’t be getting all the prizes for every memory. Still, it’s worth it, especially since you can top off your prizes a bit more when they return in NG+.

Spells, weapons, ash remains and legendary talismans

Elden Ring irina questline edgar walkthrough gloomy castle

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Most players will not need everyone Legendary item, as many won’t be compatible with the build players are looking for, but they’re nice to have anyway, and they’ll definitely be sure you’ll be able to use them. There are also achievements and trophies for collecting all four types (one achievement for each category), though you may have missed out on some of these depending on your progress.

Complete quests and NPC bosses

Elden Ring Varre quest line header

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It’s obvious, but make sure your things are safe before you say goodbye! The questlines include some of the best parts of the game, and there are a lot of fun optional bosses like Astel, Naturalborn of the Void, or the hard legendary Malenia. Or maybe you just want to go kill all the dragons and get their hearts for prizes in the cathedral – it’s all here for you! In fact, we’ve written guides on many of them, which you can check out below.

  • Elden Ring Blaidd the Half-Wolf Locations and Questline
  • Elden Ring Ranni questline and secret ending
  • Elden Ring Varre questline
  • Elden Ring Millicent questline
  • Elden Ring Thops questline
  • Elden Ring Irina questline
  • Elden Ring Sorceress Sellen questline
  • Elden Ring Nepheli Loux questline

Use everything you have to make the best build possible

Best Elden Ring Builds

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The Elden Ring endgame is when you have access to everything, and you’d be foolish not to use it while you still can. With all the vendors, bosses, areas, and special items accessible at this point, it’s a great time to experiment with your build and transform into something better so that you’re as prepared as possible for the toughest NG+. If you’re looking for inspiration or just want to try out the most powerful builds, we’ve put together a page of the best Elden Ring builds for you to learn, with options for all types of characters.

Close endgame zones for runes galore

Elden Ring holy relic sword how to build

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Once again, with everything you have at your disposal, it is now much easier than in the first NG+ games to find good places to farm and grind where you can easily amass tens of thousands of runes. In fact, we created a page on the Elden Ring Rune farming sites, with information on how players can get very rich very quickly. Who could oppose?

Spend these runes on levels, items, spells, and forge stones.

Elden Ring things to do before new game plus ng+

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Spend those runes! With all the merchants at your disposal right now, make sure you buy anything you won’t be able to get early in the game. Level up if you think you need to, but also get seemingly valuable items and spells from Prayer Books and Sorcery Scrolls.

You should also buy as many smithing stones as you can, like dozens if not hundreds. If you’ve been working to find all the Elden Ring Bell Bearing locations for Twin Husks in Roundtable Hold, there’s bad news: they won’t remember you found them in NG+, and you’ll have to get them everywhere from new. Until that happens, stock up on Smithing Stones (or find them on our Elden Ring Smithing Stones page) and any other items you want well in advance, to make sure you won’t run out until you pick up those Bell Bearings. .

What does and does not carry over to Elden Ring NG+?

Elden Ring things to do before new game plus ng+

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Speaking of Bell Bearings, what does and doesn’t carry over to New Game Plus might seem a bit arbitrary, but it’s worth knowing so you understand the full scope of what the experience will allow you to do. keep. We have divided them into two lists below, so you know what you need to use/spend before going back to the beginning.


  • Armor/Weapons/Talismans
  • spells
  • All Flask Updates
  • Wonderful Physick enhancements/options
  • map fragments
  • consumables
  • Home Recipes/Cookbooks
  • gestures

do not report

  • game progress
  • NPC quest progress
  • quest items
  • Grace sites unlocked for fast travel
  • Similar keys/items (such as the Dectus Medallion or Glintstone Key)
  • great runes
  • Bell Bearings (and no, Twin Husks don’t remember the Bell Bearings you gave them)
  • Witchcraft scrolls and prayer books (again, the relevant merchants forget they received them)
  • Mark of Frenzied Flame (if you have allied with all three fingers for the fiercest ending of Elden Ring)

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