Fan-Created Pokémon Lampshade Is a Perfect Functioning Poké Ball

A unique piece of fan art has come out of the Pokémon fanbase, with one fan ingeniously repurposing a lampshade and turning it into something resembling a functioning Poké Ball. Fans of the franchise have been prolific when it comes to one-of-a-kind creations from different mediums. One recent example of this would be the Pokémon fan who recreated Gengar in the style of Detective Pikachu, yielding a creepy and uncanny result.

The world of Pokémon fan art stretches far beyond the digital realm, however. Fans of the iconic series will regularly churn out charming sketches, sculptures, and paintings that faithfully recreate some of the most recognizable iconography from the franchise. These art pieces will typically center on the Pokémon themselves, but there are just as many popular creations that represent other subjects, such as human characters from the games or the many different pieces of tech and equipment offered to the player-character. Things start to get interesting and unique when creators branch out from more traditional artistic mediums and into more tangible, creative forms. One crafty Pokémon fan even made a Pokédex out of a functioning Nintendo DS, bringing a key video game tool into the real world.


While not as technologically advanced as the fan-made Pokédex, Reddit user Stefiman2 has created another central Pokémon device, the Poké Ball, designing a replica from a lampshade that functions just like the Poké Balls from the series. Stefiman2 shows off their creation in a short clip that focuses on the oversized Pokémon-catching tool, which has been well-crafted with careful attention to detail and an aesthetically pleasing glossy finish. However, the video may surprise some viewers when a cord at the bottom of the Poké Ball is pulled, opening up the Ball and revealing it to be a pendant lamp, intended to be hung from a ceiling.

Stefiman2’s design appears to be made from a lamp from IKEA’s PS series. There are several impressive fan-made art pieces such as Pokémon plushes made from scratch, but DIY projects like this one, which brings elements of the games or series into the real world, are certainly worthy of the praise they receive. In some ways, the DIY approach shows a particular level of insight, as the creator has recognized a piece of iconography in a completely unrelated object.

As Stefiman2 points out in the comments of the post, there are numerous other Poké Ball types in Pokémon canon, which could lead to several different creations inspired by this one. IKEA’s PS lamps are relatively cheap as well, so it’s possible that the Pokémon fanbase will be graced with even more of these DIY builds down the road.

Source: Stefiman2/Reddit

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