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Father’s Day Tuxedo Heart Card

Looking for the best Father’s Day card idea that’s also easy to make! We’ve got you covered, because this Father’s Day tuxedo heart card is all of that and more! This project is perfect to do at home or in the classroom because it’s a low-prep activity (no prep if your kids have good scissor skills) and it’s quick to do. And great character.

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Father's Day Tuxedo Heart Card Idea for Boys

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Let’s make the most amazing Father’s Day card ever. We recently shared a tutorial that shows you how to make a magical Father’s Day card, and while this one could definitely win the “card of the year” award, it really isn’t for everyone. ages (older children will do this effortlessly while younger children will struggle).

Father's Day Tuxedo Heart Card Craft Idea for Kids to Make

Therefore, an equally impressive map was needed, with a wow factor and a simpler layout. Our flower heart card has been one of the most popular projects (of all time), along with this heart-shaped notebook, so we thought it would be fun to do a tuxedo design as another option for Father’s Day.

Print the template, draw your image or write a personalized message, quickly fold and decorate!

Tuxedo heart card idea for father's day

Tuxedo Father's Day Heart Card for Boys

Father’s Day Tuxedo Heart Card

What do you need:

  • our printable heart card template with a bow (grab it at the end of this tutorial)
  • thicker printing paper for the base of the card (plain printing paper works too)
  • a sheet of black paper (regular letter or construction paper)
  • red ribbon paper (or red marker)
  • scissors
  • glue
  • mini clothespin (craft stores and dollar stores sell these)
  • mini buttons (scrap reserve button packs or mixes from craft stores are usually cheap)

step by step walkthrough

Print the card template (2 sheets). The one with the “clover” and bow works best if printed on thicker printer paper. For the other it doesn’t matter.

Cut out the cardboard backing (the “4 leaf clover”).

Fold along all the dotted lines. Make the folds super sharp.

So that the folds are very neat, we pass a stick over it.

Now comes the part that could be complicated, but it is far from it. There are 4 heart shapes in this clover, with two hearts having a dotted line through the center of the clover.

The hearts without the dotted line are the front and back of the card and the two with a dotted line are “hidden inside”. Simply push the “inside” crease (the crease that crosses the hearts). If you’ve made neat folds, it’ll be easy (watch the video for clearer instructions).

Once you press both sides you will get a heart shape.

Cut out 1 heart on the second page of the template. Use it as a template to make 2 hearts out of the black paper.

You can also use other colors for the heart of the tuxedo.

make a tuxedo

Take one of the two hearts and cut it out (as shown on the heart template).

You can place the template on the black heart and cut it out.

Fold as shown in the image below to make the neck of your tuxedo heart.

Flip the black heart over and apply glue to it.

Stick the black heart at the bottom of the card.

Flip the bottom of the card over and glue the other black heart to the back.

Open the card and write a message on the card.

You can also have the children draw a picture inside the heart.

Close the heart and decorate the tuxedo by gluing one or two buttons.

For small buttons, glue sticks will do.

Color the template bow or use it as a template to make a red bow.

Stick the knot on a mini clothespin (you can also use clips).

Use the clothespin to keep the card closed.

Get the tuxedo heart card template for father’s day here

Take the pattern: Tux heart card pattern

Happy DIY!

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