Firefox Focus: What It Is and How to Use It

Use Firefox Focus to browse the Internet quickly and privately

Firefox Focus is a lightweight, open source mobile web browser designed to protect your privacy online. Developed by the team at Mozilla, Focus Browser simplifies your browsing experience by hiding intrusive and distracting web content.

This article is about the Firefox Focus mobile app for Android and iOS. Information applies to devices running Android 5.0 or later and iOS 9 or later.

What is Firefox Focus?

By removing clutter and blocking various types of online trackers, Firefox Focus stands out from other popular browsers like Google Chrome and Safari. The core privacy and security features of Focus are the same across Android and iOS platforms. The same goes for page actions (share, copy, find text) and URL autocomplete.

However, some features are only available on specific platforms. The Android version of Firefox Focus (built with Firefox Quantum’s GeckoView engine) features custom tabs, stealth mode, and the ability to disable tracking protection (site exceptions).

Apple device owners have the option to use Firefox Focus as a standalone mobile web browser or as a content blocker in Safari. You can launch Firefox Focus by giving Siri the appropriate voice command. If you have an iPhone X or later, enable Face or Touch ID to unlock the browser when it’s in the background.

Firefox vs. Firefox Focus

Although there is a mobile version of the Firefox browser, Firefox Focus is better optimized for mobile browsing. So it is faster and takes up less space on your device. That said, it doesn’t keep track of the sites you visit, which can be both a plus and a minus.

How to customize Firefox Focus browser tracking

Choosing which types of trackers to block is one of the main features of the browser. You have the option to block ads and cookies, as well as web fonts and JavaScript.

To access and select your privacy and security settings in Firefox Focus, follow these steps:

press the Three points in the upper right corner of Firefox Focus.

For iOS devices, tap the settings gear in the upper right corner, then go to step 3.

Faucet Settings in the dropdown menu.

Faucet Privacy & Security.

Tap the switch next to the tracking options you want to enable.

Block All may affect the way certain websites appear on your device’s screen.

Scroll down and tap block cookies.

Touch one of the cookie options when the dialog appears.

Cookie blocking options

How to clear your browsing history in Firefox Focus

You can quickly delete your browsing history with just a few clicks:

press the trash icon in the lower right corner of the application.

Faucet Clear browsing history.

You can also clear your browsing history from your notification panel when Firefox Focus is running.

Clear browsing history in Firefox

How to enable URL autocompletion in Firefox Focus

URL autocompletion is another feature designed to ensure your browsing experience is smooth and hassle-free. There are over 400 popular sites added to the browser’s default list, and you also have the option to add your own URLs.

Open the Settings menu and touch Investigate.

Faucet URL autocomplete.

Touch the toggle switches next to for the best sites Y For Sites you add to turn them on, then touch Manage sites to add your own URLs.

URL AutoComplete Options

How to make Firefox Focus your default browser

With Firefox Focus set as the default browser, you can open links in supported apps. The browser will block trackers while retaining the theme and colors of the app you are using.

press the Three points in the top right corner, then tap Settings.

Faucet General.

Touch the switches next to Make Firefox Focus the default browser Y Switch to the link in a new tab immediately to activate them.

General settings in Firefox

Tap a link in an app you’re using. The page will load in the app using Firefox Focus to block trackers.

press the Three points to the right of the web address to see how many trackers have been blocked.


How to enable stealth mode in Firefox Focus on Android

Stealth mode hides the web page that is visible in preview mode. If you share your device, you can be sure that no one will see the site you are browsing. As Settingsfaucet Privacy & Security and touch the switch next to Stealth to activate it. In preview mode, the web page that was open in Firefox Focus will now be blank.

Enable stealth mode in Firefox

How to add site exceptions to Firefox Focus on Android

If you find that specific sites you browse are not working properly, you can prevent Firefox Focus from blocking trackers.

Go to the website for which you want to add an exception and press the button Three points in the upper right corner.

Touch the switch below trackers blocked to disable tracking protection. This automatically adds the site to your exception list.

Disable Tracker Blocking in Firefox

With the Three points expanded menu, press Settings.

Faucet Privacy & Security.

Faucet exceptions to manage your list of sites.

Yes exceptions is grayed out, it means no sites have been added yet.

Exceptions in Firefox settings

How to use Firefox Focus to block trackers when browsing Safari on iOS

You can use Firefox Focus tracker blocker while using iPhone web browser. To enable Firefox Focus as a content blocker for Safari, follow these steps:

Open Settings on your iPhone.

Faucet Safari.

Scroll down and tap content blockers.

Press the switch to firefox tune up to activate it.

Enable Firefox Focus in iPhone Settings

Open firefox tune upthen touch the settings gear in the lower right corner.

Press the switch to Safarithen close the Firefox Focus app.

Enable Safari in Firefox Focus

How to use biometrics to unlock Firefox Focus on iPhone

For added privacy, enable Face or Touch ID to lock Firefox Focus when you switch apps. To do this, press the button settings then the switch next Use Face ID (or Touch ID) to unlock the app.

Enabling Face ID for Firefox Focus

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