Five Nights at Freddy’s New Tie-Dye Figures Disappoint Fans

A new collection of tie-dye figures and plushes for Five Nights at Freddy’s has fans divided over their apparently “bland” design. Officially licensed Five Nights at Freddy’s merchandise remains all the rage, coming in the form of collector’s pins, t-shirts, plushies, figurines, and pretty much everything else in between. Naturally, this means the offerings range in quality, too, with some pieces of FNAF merchandise proving far more worthwhile than others.

Since the first game debuted in 2014, Five Nights at Freddy’s as a brand has become quite the enterprise. And the popularity of FNAF-branded gear counts as only one part of the equation. The indie series has moved on from its humble roots, spawning a host of sequels, spin-offs, and even official books which offer an alternative look into the animatronic nightmares of the games. The ongoing expansion of Five Nights at Freddy’s universe also includes an upcoming film adaptation from Blumhouse Productions. Until its release, fans are still content with expanding the series in their own way, designing spin-off games, and even creating FNAF-inspired movies and shorts.


Earlier this week, photos of upcoming Tie-Dye action figures and Funko plushies for Five Nights at Freddy’s leaked online. RocketLauncherBoi shared an image of the new collectibles in a Reddit post, calling the design of the Tie-Dye figures “terrible” and the look of Funko’s plushies “bland.” While some FNAF fans in the Reddit thread seem to agree with the original post, others have voiced an interest in purchasing the collectibles whenever they become available.

The Tie-Dye FNAF action figures and plushes were first announced earlier this year, but Funko has kept rather quiet on the upcoming toys since then. When first revealed, the line was given a vague release date of summer 2022, which seemingly means anytime from now, if the leak is anything to go by. Funko has yet to confirm an exact launch date, leading many to wonder when exactly the new Five Nights at Freddy’s merch will hit store shelves. Fans also remain in the dark about where the figures and plushes will be sold. Hopefully, such news begins making the rounds sometime soon.

The most recent Five Nights at Freddy’s adventure, FNAF: Security Breach, launched late last year in December. Unfortunately, its arrival was beset by a wide array of glitches and performance hiccups on PC and console, resulting in many a disappointed player. While the game hasn’t yet seen as much merchandise as previous releases in the series, fans quickly took to making their own FNAF: Security Breach toys. Perhaps for those unhappy with the new tie-dye range, custom creations might be a better option.

Source: RocketLauncherBoi/Reddit

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