From: 10 Burning Questions Fans Have After The Season 1 Finale

The season 1 finale ended with a bus heading into town stopping in front of the restaurant. Until now, all the characters have come in a single car or, in rare cases, in two cars at the same time. As far as the public knows, a bus full of people has never ended up in the city.

It will be interesting to see if all the people on the bus are new characters or if any of the newcomers will be connected to characters the audience already knows. Some fans speculated that Kristi’s fiancee would be on the bus. Kristi spent a lot of time talking about her fiancée in the finale, especially as her feelings for Kenny grow. The arrival of her fiancée would certainly complicate things for Kristi and Kenny’s budding relationship.

What voice was on the radio?

Jim, Jade, and many others worked hard to get a radio signal in hopes of communicating with the outside world. They managed to get a signal out and made contact with another voice in the end.

Instead of being a voice that would lead him to save or find a way out of town, the sinister voice at the end knew who Jim was before saying his name and telling Jim that his wife should never have dug that hole underground. . The voice could belong to one of the monsters that plague the city at night, but it could also be someone or something else. This terrifying cliffhanger rivals the best cliffhangers on Lost and many other “mystery box” television series.

Where did the distant tree take Boyd?

As darkness descended and a storm raged around them, the boy in white told Sara that she and Boyd should go to one of the distant trees. Boyd entered first, but when he entered he found himself transported and trapped in a narrow, dark space that looked like a chimney.

Distant trees have already transported characters like Victor and Julie to new places. We don’t know where that distant tree took Boyd. Fans will have to wait and see if this is a location that has already been featured or if it will be a new location.

Where does the electricity come from?

One of the long-standing mysteries throughout As’The first season was where the town’s electricity comes from. Tabitha dug a hole under the house where she and her family live to try to find an answer and to see where the wires go.

However, when Tabitha bottomed out in the ending, she saw that the wires weren’t connected to anything. Instead, she found some strange drawings, including the mysterious symbol that Jade keeps seeing, and Victor, who said that he was waiting for her. She also said that that’s where the monsters sleep during the day, and if that’s also where the wires go, she might suggest that the power source and the monsters are related in some way. other.

What’s going on with the lighthouse?

As Boyd and Sara went deeper into the woods, they discovered a lighthouse. Since the lighthouse seemed to be in use at night, this seems to indicate that there are individuals outside of the townspeople and terrifying monsters that attack at night that exist in this isolated world.

Fans still don’t know who operates the lighthouse or what exactly it’s used for. This may imply that the city and the forest are part of an island. The lighthouse appears to be part of the drawings of the underground area that Tabitha excavated, proving that the lighthouse is part of the dark history of the town and surrounding forest.

How will spider bites affect Boyd?

Before seeing the lighthouse, Boyd was bitten by several spiders. Shortly after, he seemed to lose a lot of strength and motivation to keep going.

While Boyd likely won’t become a new version of Spider-Man, it seems likely that spider bites will continue to have an effect on Boyd in some way. Hopefully a temporary loss of strength and motivation will be the worst effect, but with the show in the horror genre, spider bites are likely to have a much more detrimental impact.

What voices did Sara hear?

Throughout the season, Sara heard voices in her head that no one else could hear. The voices told Sara that if she obeyed them, Sara, her brother Nathan, and the others could leave town. At first, the voices sounded like an evil force that was probably related to monsters, as Sara was told to kill people, even a boy like Ethan. They even temporarily engraved the order on her arm.

As the season progressed, the voices seemed to become more useful, such as warning Sara and Boyd to turn around so they don’t get hurt. It is not yet clear who the voices are and what their intentions might be.

Can the boy in white be trusted?

While Lost had the villainous Man in Black, As She has a boy in white who appeared throughout the first season. From his creepy smile to the way he dresses and carries himself, the boy initially looked like one of the monsters. However, there is something different about him. He is seen day and night, while monsters are only known to come out at night.

The Boy in White helped Victor and Julie escape from the monsters the night they invaded Colony House. According to Victor, the boy in white also told him where Tabitha would end up when she dug the hole. Again, in flashbacks, the boy in white was seen laughing and playing as a young Victor watched the violent carnage around him. The Boy in White also told Boyd and Sara to go to a distant tree, causing Boyd to get stuck.

Why can only Victor, Ethan and Sara see the boy in white?

It’s not just about whether the guy in white can be trusted, but also why only certain characters can see him. At the end of Season 1, Victor, Ethan, and Sara are the only confirmed characters to be able to see the Boy in White.

They are all connected to the city in other unique ways as well. Sara hears voices no one else can hear, while Victor and Ethan seem to know what’s going to happen in town before it happens. All of these characters are also somewhat naive or childish, even for an older character like Victor. It may allude to the boy in white who manipulates the most vulnerable people, but there’s probably more to it.

Is there a way to get out of the city and out of the forest?

Regardless of where the town is and why the characters were brought there, an even bigger question is whether there is a way out. Boyd and Sara have been walking through the woods for the last 2 episodes of Season 1. Although they have discovered new things like the lighthouse, they still haven’t found the exit.

Time is not on Boyd’s side. It will be interesting to see if he finds a way out and if he can get his son Ellis out and everyone else in town as well. Otherwise, Boyd and the others could be trapped forever in a land of monsters and potentially even darker forces.

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