Getting Started With WhatsApp Keyboard Shortcuts And Best Ones To Use

Now let’s assume the user is in a particular chat and wants to mark the message as unread. Press Ctrl + Shift + U. Similarly, if someone is being pesky on WhatsApp, mute the contact by pressing Ctrl + Shift + M together. If that is not enough, tap Ctrl + Shift + E to send the chat to the archive section. The user will no longer get notifications from this chat. On the flip side, if the conversation is going smoothly and the user wants to keep an eye on the discussion, pinning it by pressing Ctrl + Shift + P would be a great idea. While these shortcuts might be a tad challenging to memorize, they can surely help navigate the application.

The shortcuts mentioned above will help users navigate the interface easily and decide the fate of a chat in the inbox. Here are some bonus shortcuts that might be helpful otherwise. For example, to open the emoji panel, the GIF panel, and the Sticker panel, press Ctrl + E, Ctrl + G, and Ctrl + S. Use these WhatsApp shortcuts to save time and increase productivity while dealing with multiple chats on WhatsApp at once.

Source: WABetaInfo

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