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Hands Holding a Heart Mothers day Card

This Mother’s Day Card of Hands Holding a Heart is one of the easiest and cutest ideas kids can make!

There are many ways to modify this project, simplify it for preschoolers and toddlers, or make a 3D pop-up heart with preschoolers and older children.

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Hands Holding a Heart Mother's Day Card Free Papercrafts for Kids

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Mother’s Day is a very special day, and there are quite a few adorable Mother’s Day crafts or cards that your kids can make (at school or at home) that will be treasured for years to come. . .

This cute card idea is one of those, not only does it look pretty, but it also has that “remembered” feeling as it captures your little ones little hands.

Hands holding a heart mother's day card

How to make hands holding a heart shaped Mother’s Day card

What do you need

  • cardstock (we’re in love with Astrobrights paper, their (affiliate link) Stardust White is perfect for card bases)
  • cardstock or colored printing paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • pencil

Optional: foam letters, self-adhesive alphabets, etc.

Alternative: handprint paint

Follow the instructions step by step

Choose the colors of your paper. Any color chosen by your children is a correct choice.

Start by tracing your hands and some arms on colored paper or by dipping your hands in paint and making handprints on paper. In addition to the handprints, you’ll also need to paint a bit of the arm.

Cut along the traced hand/handprint and arm.

Prepare your map. You can get large blank cards at the store, but we prefer to make ours (cheaper and just as pretty) from cardstock. The size depends on the size of the hands, each page if the card must have enough space to hold a hand.

Glue the hands together, arrange them in a V shape. Cut the “excess” paper from the hands if necessary.

In the heart! We have a heart template that you can use, with different sized hearts, but making a heart is pretty easy even without it. Just fold the paper and write a number 2, then cut along the curve. Make some hearts, try to make them the same size (use the first heart as a template).

With the hearts folded in half, glue them on top of each other. You can do 2 or 10 (or more).

When you’re happy with your hearts, stick them on the card, above the hands (centered).

Close the card and decorate the front. Foam stickers work great, but let your imagination be your guide.

Hands holding a heart mothers day card idea

Hands holding a heart Mother's day card for children

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