Harley Quinn’s Favorite Superhero Would Even Disgust Deadpool

Based on Deadpool’s visceral reaction to the power of the Zeitgeist, it’s clear that he would be absolutely disgusted with the original comic book character of Harley Quinn. It’s a hilarious turn of events because between the two of them, being both meta-characters, Deadpool reigned supreme with the body horror jokes. Since Deadpool is virtually unkillable, he is able to throw himself into situations where he is terribly maimed, and given his ability to break the fourth wall, he apparently does it to upset readers who know the watch. However, since it seems that Harley Quinn was able to displease the disgusting king, he proved to be superior in this disgusting aspect.

While Harley Quinn can differ wildly depending on the creative team, many writers and artists have used her to break the mold of superheroes, allowing a female character to finally cross the boundaries of taste and decency, much like male antiheroes have. been doing for years. While dead Poolhealing factor can put you in more disgusting scratches, harley-quinn he showed that he had an even stronger stomach than Wade with his superhero Hurl Girl.

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