Have An Older Kindle? These Models Will Lose Access To The E-Book Store

These older Kindle devices will continue to function as e-readers and Amazon is not disabling any other function beyond access to the e-book store. Also, e-books can still be ordered and delivered to these e-readers. It simply means that browsing and ordering must be done on another device. That can be a computer, smartphone, or tablet. Most people have access to another device and it is generally easier to browse Amazon’s e-book store on a faster device. While reading is slow-paced and even technology that is a decade old can handle the task of displaying text easily, shopping works better on newer devices with larger screens.

To urge older Kindle users to move to a newer model, Amazon has included a promo code to save 30 percent off the purchase of a new Kindle and a $40 e-book credit for a limited time. The promo code appears in the email and is valid for owners of affected Kindle devices only. The Amazon Kindle offer is valid through July 5, 2022, and seems like a reasonable way to help an owner of a very old Kindle to upgrade at a minimal cost.

Source: u/fuelvolts/Reddit

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