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Hippopotamus Puppet Printable Template

Our fun printable puppet series continues – grab this hippo puppet printable template and let’s have some fun.

This one looks cute with the two big teeth visible at all times.

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Hippo Puppet Printable Template Kids Paper Craft Idea

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We love making puppets! This hippo puppet printable template joins the ranks of our little talkative puppets!

We’ve already shared some with you (both free and paid): the elephant puppet, for example, would work great as a companion to this one. Can’t you hear all the funny conversations these two puppets would have when controlled by your kids? What fun!

Ready to make your own puppet? Just print our template and have fun with it.

Hippo Hand Puppet Printable Template

How to Use the Hippo Puppet Printable Template

What do you need:

  • our printable model (you can get this one at the end of this tutorial, we also have a great set of puppets available as a pack)
  • thicker print paper (preferred, although regular print paper works too)
  • scissors
  • glue
  • scoring tool
  • coloring supplies

See the step-by-step tutorial

Print the template – there are two pages and you will need both. We recommend printing on thicker printer paper as this will make the puppet more durable, but regular printer paper will work fine too.

Color the puppet template. On the face page, you only need to color the middle third with the face drawing because the other two thirds won’t be visible once the puppet is assembled.

We like to color our puppets with markers because it really makes them stand out; crayons or colored pencils work too. We made our blue-gray hippo.

Also color the accessories (ears). Cut out a pair of ears and teeth.

It can make your teeth slightly yellow or just leave them white.

Go back to the first page.

Fold along all the dotted lines.

Run a wooden stick (or similar) over the folds to sharpen them. This will make folding easier.

Unfold after folding each fold.

Place the sheet of paper on the table, with the drawing facing the table.

Fold the “third” with the word glue – apply glue.

Close it by folding the third one to the other side above the one with the word glue.

Press hard so the glue sets (you can even weigh it down with a book, this will make the wait easier).

Once the tail is dry, brown along the dotted lines until you get an M shape.

Your hippo puppet is almost complete – just add ears and teeth.

Take the ears, fold them along the dotted line between the ear and the rectangle, apply glue and stick it on the head.

Do the same with the teeth, fold along the dotted line, but stick them inside the mouth.

Slide your fingers through the openings and chat!

Printable Hippo Puppet Template Craft

Get the Elephant Puppet Printable Template

Grab the template here: Hippo Puppet Printable Template

Happy DIY!

Or get the puppet game

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