How Downton Abbey 3 Can Really Be About A New Era

In Downton Abbey 3, George, Sybbie, and Marigold can be pushed to the forefront of the family. They would still be younger than their mothers were when Downton Abbey began but Sybbie, George, and Marigold are also more modern children and can embody the “modern world” as Mary and Edith transition into middle age. It would also be fascinating to explore the children’s personalities. Is George as tough and funny as Lady Mary is and did he inherit his father Matthew’s level-headedness? Is Sybbie as independent and open-minded as her mother was? Does she have her father’s passion for social justice? Does Marigold ever wonder about her birth father or is she content as the adopted daughter of the Marquess of Hexam?

Further, Sybbie inherited a villa in the South of France left to her by her great grandmother, Violet. The Crawleys hoped that summertime gatherings at Sybbie’s villa in the French Riviera would become an annual family tradition, which is an ideal jumping-off point for another sequel. As beloved as the Crawleys and their servants are, all of Downton Abbey‘s characters are now nearly two decades older. George, Sybbie, and Marigold, as well as their younger cousins, can embody a new vitality that Downton Abbey needs. The Crawley grandchildren, the mistakes they will inevitably make, and the lessons they will learn from them, are the most potent wellspring of new story potential for Downton Abbey 3 and beyond. George, Sybbie, and Marigold aren’t just the next generation of Crawleys, they literally are Downton Abbey: A New Era.

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