How Many People Are Still Playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons In 2022

Although Nintendo announced New Horizons will no longer receive major updates after the version 2.0 update and the Happy Home Paradise paid DLC, the game still receives updates containing small changes like bug fixes to keep the game well-maintained. Additionally, Animal Crossing: New Horizons features numerous limited-time events like Bunny Day and May Day to keep players busy and engaged month-to-month. Players can also look forward to in-game contests like Bug-Off and Animal Crossing‘s Fishing Tourney, which award players with prizes for catching bugs and fish respectively.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons remains a steadfast favorite with both the Animal Crossing community and Nintendo Switch gamers, and it’s likely this won’t change until the next installment in the Animal Crossing series is released. Considering the game has sold 38 million copies since launch and average trend interest is around 4-6 percent, that means roughly 2,228,000 of the 38 million people who bought ACNH are still playing it regularly.

Until then, New Horizons remains the most successful installment in the franchise, in terms of sales and reviews, with the highest Metacritic score of any Animal Crossing game. Many Nintendo Switch gamers continue to enjoy Animal Crossing: New Horizons daily, showing that the game’s popularity isn’t exclusive to pandemic-related lockdowns, attracting a dedicated following over two years after ACNH‘s perfectly timed release.

Source: Statista

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