How Much It Cost Top Gun: Maverick To Fly Real F-18 Jets Per Hour

The original Top Gun was a major turning point for the depiction of the military on film, as the movie helped rebrand the Navy in the public eye following the Vietnam War, and the movie resulted in a massive spike in applications to become Naval Aviators which reportedly jumped by 500%. This sort of close connection between the military-industrial complex and the entertainment industry has been called out by many. The depiction of war in Top Gun and its impact on viewers made Cruise hesitant to return for a sequel for years and possibly contributed to him accepting the role in Oliver Stone’s Born on the Fourth of July which was a more critical movie about the military.

How much Paramount Pictures spent exactly just on this is unclear, but Top Gun: Maverick carries a reported production budget of $170 million. It seems though the investment may have paid off as Top Gun 2 scored the highest Thursday gross for any Paramount Pictures movie. It is also on track for one of the biggest opening weekends of Cruises’ career and one of the biggest opening Memorial Day weekends. It will be interesting to see if Top Gun: Maverick generates the same sort of discussion about the film’s close connections to the military that Captain Marvel did in 2019 or if the film’s extremely positive critical reaction and good time summer movie mood will override the discussion.

Source: Bloomberg

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