How Shrek Sabotaged Mulan 2 For Disney

There are clear reasons why Shrek sabotaged Mulan II for Disney. These stem from DreamWorks’ decision to cast Eddie Murphy after ShrekThe animation ended in 2000. Contractual obligations for shrek 2 it alienated him from Mushu and prevented him from returning to Walt Disney Pictures. In addition, the Shrek damaged franchise Mulan II depending on public reception. Mulan II was released direct-to-video shortly after the time of shrek 22004 wide version. The audience took Mulan II wrong, and was related to Mushu’s voice actor replacement, Mark Moseley. Known for frequently filling in for Murphy, Moseley’s portrayal was believable, but it didn’t compare to the force of Eddie Murphy’s brilliant work in mulane. This decision significantly affected the gross income of the Disney film. If Eddie Murphy hadn’t landed the role of Donkey, Disney’s mulan 3 merchandise and a trilogy of movies could have reached the billion dollar level toy story.

Mark Moseley once expressed the mulane character in disney mouse house animated series and for video games starring Mushu, such as the kingdom hearts Serie. Replaces Eddie Murphy for mulaneRelated media was just the beginning of his career. Since 1998, Mark Moseley has provided the voice of Disney Animated Storybook: Mulan PC game, immediately replacing Eddie Murphy in the lead role. But Mulan II was a flop, it was only natural that Mushu would stick with the voice actor who had extended his character to all of Disney’s future media properties. In fact, Moseley was eventually asked to fill in for Donkey’s voice in the inevitable deluge of Shrek video game titles.

DreamWorks executive Jeffrey Katzenberg was a famous foe of Walt Disney Co. after he left in 1994. To a degree, DreamWorks had the power to usurp Disney’s animation royalty crown. The animation studio made its Hollywood debut by launching the prince of egypt and distribute Antz in 1998. No one could have predicted the resounding success of Shrek in 2001. Finally, Shrek undermined Disney’s plans Mulan II and its victory in the animated film market. Disney’s goal of keeping its voice acting talent in-house was altered by the business acumen of DreamWorks. The competition between these big movie studios has not abated in recent years. with people like baby boss Y trolls franchises, Dreamworks will continue to rival the award-winning work of Disney and Pixar.

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