How To Add Accents in Google Docs

Do you need to write a letter with an accent? No problem!

what you need to know

  • Use a keyboard shortcut. For example, to type á, use Alt+0225 on Windows or Option+e, a on a Mac.
  • Or visit Google Input Tools and select Special characters.
  • There are also several Google Docs plugins that you can use.

This article explains how to add accents to Google Docs using keyboard shortcuts or by copying accented letters from Google Input Tools or another plugin. These methods work on Windows and macOS.

Keyboard shortcuts

If you can remember it or don’t mind always having a cheat sheet handy, pressing certain keys together is a quick and easy way to type letters with accents.

As you can see from the table below, Windows users need to long press Other while pressing some numbers. Use your keyboard when you do this, not the numbers along the top row.

Things are a bit different on a Mac. If we take Á as an example, you can see that you first need to hold down the Option button pressed then press Y. The comma you see means full press (remove all fingers from the keyboard). Then continue with the rest of the addresses; in this case you would write shift+a.

Accented keyboard shortcuts
Outcomethe WindowsMac
ANAlt+0193Option+e, Shift+a
anAlt+0225Option+e, to
meAlt+0201Option+e, Shift+e
IAlt+0205Option+e, Shift+i
IAlt+0237Option+e, me
OhAlt+0211Option+e, Shift+o
whereAlt+0243Option+e, or
youAlt+0218Option+e, Shift+u
youAlt+0250Option+e, u
youAlt+0220Option+u, Shift+u
anAlt+0252option + u, u
NOTAlt+0209Option+n, Shift+n
notAlt+0241Option+n, n

Google input tools

Available on Google’s website and a Chrome extension, Google Input Tools is the best way to add accents to letters for two reasons: you don’t have to memorize anything, and you can draw the symbol if you don’t know what it looks like. . is named. .

Visit Google Input Tools and select Special characters On the right side.

You have three options here: search for the letter, refine the menu options, or draw the accented letter.

Check the box corresponding to the letter you want to use and close the special characters box.

Select the letter, right click on it and choose Copy.

Google Input Tools text box in the Chrome context menu.

Go back to Google Docs and paste it via Modify > Dough.

Another way to use this tool is to use a virtual keyboard. It works in Chrome via the Google Input Tools extension.

Google Docs Addons

There are Google Docs compatible plugins specially designed to make it easy to import accented letters.

Install a plugin that supports accented letters. As you will see, there are quite a few to choose from; We will use Easy Accents as an example.

Plugins are like browser extensions, but they only work in Docs. The Special Characters Chrome extension is an example that makes it easy to use accents, but it also works on other websites, not just Docs.

after choosing Installopen the document in which you want to use the letters and navigate to Additional modules > Simple Accents – Documents > Simple Accents – Principle.

Google Docs Add-ons menu.

Choose a language from the dropdown menu on the side panel.

With the cursor positioned where you want the letter to go, select the corresponding button. To get a capital letter, press and hold Change while selecting it.

Spanish accents in a Google Docs plugin.

Use your computer’s built-in method

Another way to type accented letters is to find them on the character map in Windows or on the on-screen keyboard in macOS. Both are similar to Google’s input tools, but built into the operating system, no download required.

How to type symbols and characters on Windows and Mac

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