How to Add AppleCare to iPhone

How to get AppleCare after buying an iPhone

what you need to know

  • iPhone: Go to Settings > General > On. Choose AppleCare+ coverage available.
  • Online: Go to the AppleCare+ website. Choose iPhone > enter a serial number or Apple ID. Run remote diagnosis on your phone.
  • Other options: Go to an Apple Store with your iPhone and receipt. Call 800-275-2273 and speak to a representative.

This article explains how to add AppleCare to your iPhone. You should be able to add AppleCare to your new iPhone within 60 days of purchase, as long as you keep your proof of purchase.

How to get AppleCare for your iPhone

There are four ways to add AppleCare to your iPhone. You can do this from your iPhone, a web browser, by phone, or by visiting an Apple Store.

Method 1: From your iPhone

If you add AppleCare coverage from your iPhone, you won’t even need to find your receipt.

Open Settings on your iPhone. Anger General > On.

Choose AppleCare+ coverage available.

This option should be available for 60 days after your iPhone purchase. If you don’t see it, check your device eligibility.

Follow the instructions on the screen to see prices and packages.

Method 2: from your browser

You can also add AppleCare coverage from your browser. You will need your device’s serial number or your Apple ID.

Go to the AppleCare+ website and choose the iPhone Category.

Apple Care website with iPhone highlighted

Enter your iPhone serial number or Apple ID.

AppleCare iPhone sign in screen with Apple ID and serial number highlighted

Run remote diagnosis on your phone.

Choose from AppleCare options and prices.

Method 3: From an Apple Store

Someone at an Apple Store can help you get AppleCare coverage for your iPhone. You will need to take your receipt and allow your device to be inspected.

Make an appointment at your local Apple store.

Apple Store Locator

Take your iPhone and your receipt.

An Apple employee will inspect your device.

If your device is eligible, you can choose an AppleCare+ plan.

Method 4: By phone

You can add AppleCare to your phone by calling Apple.

Call 800-275-2273.

Let the representative run remote diagnostics.

If requested, provide a copy of your receipt.

What does AppleCare cover?

Apple iPhones come with a one-year limited warranty and 90 days of free technical support. This plan covers hardware repair or a new battery. AppleCare+ extends this coverage for an additional three years, beginning on the day you purchased AppleCare+. AppleCare+ also covers two incidents of accidental damage per year (subject to service fees).

If you’re worried about your device being lost or stolen, you can get AppleCare+ with theft and loss. This plan provides a replacement device.

Can AppleCare be purchased after damage?

You may be able to get AppleCare even if you damaged your phone, but only if you got it fixed first. If the part requires a complete replacement, such as a new screen, your device will no longer be eligible for AppleCare. An Apple Authorized Service Provider should do this, not a third-party repair provider.

How soon after purchase can you purchase AppleCare?

You can add AppleCare coverage to your phone within 60 days of purchase. To see how much time you have left, go to Settings. An on-screen message will tell you how many days you have left to purchase AppleCare.

frequent questions

  • How do I cancel AppleCare?

    To cancel your AppleCare coverage, you must contact Apple Support. Make sure you have your AppleCare contract number, which you can find by signing in to MySupport. You will also need the serial number and receipt for your device. If you cancel within 30 days of purchasing AppleCare, you’ll get a full refund. After 30 days, your refund will be prorated.

  • How do I know if I have AppleCare?

    To verify your AppleCare service and support coverage, go to Apple’s coverage verification website and enter your serial number and Captcha code. Among other things, you’ll be able to view AppleCare and warranty coverage, as well as shop for AppleCare.

  • How long does AppleCare last?

    Apple includes a one-year limited warranty with your hardware purchases that can protect against manufacturing defects, as well as 90 days of phone support. AppleCare+ coverage extends the original warranty and provides technical support for two or three years, after which it can continue on a month-to-month basis indefinitely.

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